Parrot Flower Power Discontinued


Such a waste of money and it never worked.

(Robin) #2

Ouch!!! :scream:

Guess that’s a risk we all take using cloud services!

Imagine if we got a message like that from Smartthings!!

(Robert Mitchell) #3

I have been imagining SmartThings shutting down ever since I bought my hub.
Not a pretty picture. We are totally dependent on SmartThings cloud services.
It would be a lot different if our Smart Apps ran on the hub.


Wasn’t that always sell for version two Hub

(Robert Mitchell) #5

Version 2 runs some apps on the hub but most not.
And SmartThings won’t say which apps run where.
It would be safe to assume that if the app is critical to you - it runs in the cloud.
This is what I understand the situation to be.