Outdoor/water proof vibration sensor needed

I’m in the process of having a outdoor camera & siren installed at my front entrance. The camera needs to be placed quite low in order to be able to use the intercom features. It will also be enclosed in a metal mesh vandal proof cage to help protect the camera from vandalism.

Are there any outdoor Smartthings compatible vibration sensors that I can attach to the vandal proof cage so as I can use Smartthing to trigger the siren if anyone tries to pamper with the cage before they can get to the actual camera?

Depending on the location and environment of the box. You can use the Samsung Smartthings multi sensor for vibration sensing.
I highly recommend manual control of the Siren and use the camera motion alert. This will prevent false alarm.

Will your metal mesh be exposed to the elements such as rain or somewhat protected under a porch?

You could use the Smartthings multisensor or maybe put it inside some kind of waterproof container if it will be exposed to rain. I don’t know of any outdoor vibration sensors.

The metal mesh cage will be partially exposed to the elements hence the reason I’m trying to find an outdoor weatherproof sensor. Although some kind of water proof container for the sensor might just do the trick if I cant find a Zigbee or Z-wave outdoor vibration sensor to work with Smartthings.

Why not install a vandal proof dome camera instead? Also these have tampering alerts so no need to add a vibration sensor to the cage. The cage might also impair the recording quality and look tacky.

The only problem is that I don’t know if vandal proof cams are available with a speaker, some come with a microphone however.

I’m actually going to install a Ring Spotlight cam with a built in 110 db siren & two way audio to go with the Ring Pro video doorbell I already own.

We are thinking about possibly cutting a lens sized whole in the cage to improve the visibility. A Weather proof vibration sensor would then complete the project.

I’m curious if you already have the ring bell why would you need to add the camera as well at your front door at reachable level?

The bell is at the front door, the camera is for the front entrance. Does anyone know of an outdoor Zibgee or Z wave sensot? I’m surprised that they dont seem to exist?

You could just install the sensor in a waterproof box but you’re right, it sucks they are not weatherproof.

Sensor + zip lock baggie or saran wrap.

I have two sensors (motion and contact) outside wrapped in saran wrap and they have stood up to a rain storm without issue.

This is a good box size for the SmartThings Multipurpose sensor. Just need to shave down the inside a little for better mounting. Would also recommend to position the mount in a way where you can remove the sensor fairly easily to replace the battery. Cold temps kill the battery in these sensors very quickly compared to indoor.


Also, depending on the application, creating your own magnetic end for open/close may be needed outdoors. The standard magnet may not be strong enough depending on location. Bundling two of these together and “sealing” with electrical tape works great.


UPDATE: We decided to build a clear Perspex box inside the metal cage in order to make the inside more weatherproof. Then we made a cut out for the camera & placed the Smarthings Vibration sensor inside the perspex cage. Any vibration detected triggers the camera lights & sends a notification via smartthings. it’s been working as planned for quite a few months now.