Outdoor Motino Sensor or Beam Sensor

I would like to suggest a beam sensor for a useful product. Being able to detect vehicles crossing, etc with an outdoor rating would be greatly helpful.
Beam Sensors


I’d also like to point out that if people find a device that they would like to try their hand at integrating, send us a note (build@smartthings.com) letting us know what and how it will be awesome and, in many cases we’ll buy the device and send it your way.


I have been wanting to add a curtain beam sensor to my garage.

Now that I think of it I think @wackware has one of these integrated.

I am going to try to migrate some of the Project content from that post, now.

Hey all,

My project actually used an ultrasonic sensor, not a beam or curtain sensor. But is does show that with the ST Arduino Shield, yu can make almost any project into a SmartThings one. A little code and a few wires and wa-la :smile: