Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

I tried what you said and it worked a treat. All lamps connected and working fine.

My next question would be what would be a good repeater for these bulbs? 2 are at the back of the house and at the moment the hub is in the middle of the kitchen not in my stair cupboard. I think I need a repeater for them.

I’ve read the osram bulbs themselves aren’t great repeaters as they drop data packets. Would a samsung power outlet do. Its not that I need a programmable outlet on the landing but I’ve a socket there that’s halfway between the back of the house at the hub.

Am I better with a power outlet or should I put the Osram spots in the ceiling along the hall (which I might do anyway).

Also how do you make the bulbs connect to the power outlet not the hub? Is there a good order to switch them on?



Zigbee devices will choose their own repeaters, that’s one of the strengths of the protocol. :sunglasses: It’s based on a number of factors including signal strength. So generally they will choose the device that is closest to them as a repeater, whether that’s another bulb or a pocket socket.

To get devices to update their neighbor tables, after you’ve added new devices, you can just take the hub off of power (including removing batteries if it has them) and leave it off power while leaving all the other devices on power. Wait for about 15 minutes and the zigbee devices will go into “panic mode” because they can’t find the hub. Put the hub back on power, and each zigbee device will rebuild its own individual neighbor table. This process can take a while, so you might not see improvements until the next day, but it’s the surest way to make sure that each zigbee device is using the most efficient path to the hub.

In a typical residential setting in the US or UK You’ll need a repeating device about every 12 m. Remember that the signal is Omni directional, so sometimes the closest repeater is on the floor above or below. If you have brick walls, wire lathing or aluminum foil backed insulation inside the walls, or foil wallpaper, then signal may have difficulty getting through the walls which will reduce range. Sometimes it’s just a matter of trial and error experimentation.


Is there any smartapp design to work with Tunable white (not RGBW) lamps? For example some app which changes light color with a trigger or time?

I actually have the same need! A smart app that manage the color temperature would be great!

@CoZ-solutions @Lolo is Circadian Daylight: SmartThings + Smart Bulbs what you’re looking for?

Circadian daylight is interesting app! I was expecting the app to have more
parameter for adjustment, but still it is pretty good.


Let me know in that thread what additional adjustments you would like added and I’ll look into it!

Hi all
I just wanna give you all some short experience I have had lately. I have Osram bulbs over most of my house (both E27, E14 and GU10).
Within the past 2 months I have had 4 E27 RGBW bulbs broken :frowning:

1 bulb got a black star shape on the inside of it as if the electronics exploded inside it.
1 bulb had the metal tip in the end, melting off, meaning brown iggy and very smelly stuff came out it (and this happened during my wife had a study meeting with people over, sitting right where this bulb was, what are the odds)
2 bulbs just went dead, not responding

This has been very ennoying of course, returning them, getting replacements, update my CoRE rules with the new bulbs and so on.
Other than that I’m happy with the bulbs :slight_smile: I just hope no more bulbs will brake on me :slight_smile:

If I’m the only one with this, well, that’s on me :slight_smile:
If others have had similar, it could be interesting to hear your experience

If this is not the right forum for this let me know, but when they say that the Osram Lightify will work with Alexa are they just talking about pairing it with ST and then adding it to Alexa as a authorized device? I think I saw that you are able to change the dim percentage, but it’s not working. Is there a different setup to do that?

Had the same experience - 4 went in the past several weeks - just over 8 months old

Out of interest how did you get on with replacements - i’ve been in contact with lightify@osram.com - but they hardly ever respond and still no signs of replacement bulbs. Going down the Hue route now as house is getting a bit dark !

That’s wierd, almost same story. I dont know if I should gry or laugh :slight_smile:

But I didn’t contact Osram. I returned to the shop I bought them from, and they have been very kind replacing them with no trouble.
That shop will then send them to the middle man which they bought it from, who will then probably send them to Osram.

In many countries there are at least 1 year warranty, and in my country we have 2.
So if yours are still just 8 months, shouldn’t just make complaint to the shop you bought it from?

Got a small issue:

I just bought some Osram Lightify A19 bulbs that are non-tunable (i.e., fixed at 2700K).

One of the bulbs had been previously opened and (I think) paired to an Osram hub. I do not have an Osram hub, and have the lights directly connected to SmartThings v2.

It pairs fine, along with the 3 other bulbs of its kind. However, I think the Osram hub was able to change the dim rate of the bulb. The bulb that was opened fades on and off over 1 second whenever it’s toggled, whereas the 3 other (unopened) bulbs are instant on and off.

The stock ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb DTH doesn’t let me change the dim rate, and neither does the Lightify Bulb v2 DTH in this thread. Does anyone know of a SmartThings custom DTH that will let me change the bulb dim rate to Instant?

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Quick question and it wasn’t clear to me:

I have two Osram Lightify Tunable white bulbs. I wanted them grouped together.

I added them separately in devices

I created a virtual switch from this DTH: Virtual Device for Osram Lightify Bulb.

Which smartapp should i use setup the simultaneous control of these bulbs? Smartlighting just controls on and off but not the colors.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve had a series of adventures with my BR-30s since Christmas as they stopped working (losing color setting and turning to a bright white) was able to get the replacements quickly. (If you need warranty replacement make sure you attach an invoice showing proof of purchase).

So now I’m getting super slugish results when using the Osram app. Dynamic Scenes aren’t working at all, except for the super useful plant life… Just curious if you guys have a better solution or have encountered any similar problems?

Suddenly our OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED A19 RGBW randomly turns on at night. I checked the event list and at the time it randomly turns on there is a poll and ping command. Anyone know what is causing this and how to control or delay these? There is no specific smart app but the light is involved with a turn on/off automation routine controlled by an iPhone widget and Google Home.

Check and see if that was also the time it was checked for a firmware update? If so, they’re working on it.

I have 3 E27 RGBW burnt within 1-2 months only, and when I mentioned that in one of the forums here, and complained about the quality of the bulbs, everybody thought it’s odd as they didn’t experience similar situation! I finally replaced my table lamp as the 3 died on the same lamp. I just bought a couple of E27 and GU10 Warm to White to try. I can’t afford burning more RGBW and I’m thinking seriously of moving to hue, but I have no experience with them. BTW, I bought the Osram Hub and updated all my existing bulbs and every time I buy new one, I connect the bulb, update the firmware. reset the bulb and connect to ST. The color wheel was the best but after updating it’s replaced by a color bar which is stupid, very slow and sometimes not responsive. I like the old color wheel in the Osram RGBW device type.

I bought them from Amazon and 3 RGBW died within 1-2 months, but never crossed my mind that I can replace/ return them! I have a Prime membership, any ideas/ advices?

Just give amazon a call and get them replaced. I’ve replaced 3 in the last year with no issues. Also Osram provide a 2 year warranty too on all of the lightify gear.

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