Options for home baby monitoring with sound?

Although this may not be strictly smartthings related, im looking to see if there is anyone with any experience in setting up some form of baby monitor system using wifi, smartthings, android, iphone etc etc…

We have two standard baby monitors with video, however their range is limited in our house - it is quite large, with many solid walls. The monitors will not work at rooms at the far end of the house, or in the garage (attached) etc, and there are times when we would ideally like to be getting on with jobs in those rooms, but cannot because we know the range on the standard baby monitors is limited.

We dont mind dedicating an ipad or some other tablet to achieve this, though lugging a laptop round may be a bit cumbersome.

We could rig up motion sensors so if they get out of bed, it triggers lights somewhere to come on or flash etc but thats only probably going to happen once they have been shouting out or crying and we couldn’t hear them.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be used to achieve a long range baby monitor, any incorporation with zwave or smartthings, sonos etc would be a bonus.

We use 3 foscam fi9831w ip cams (newer cams are available now) and ipad/ phones with an app called live cam pro. We can see the cams anywhere in the world and have had great reliability. None of this is integrated with smartthings.

Thanks Brian, however my concern with items like this is that they still use the cloud, so effectively anyone with the right access at Foscam or wherever could, if they wanted, view my camera.


we also use foscams, but the newer C1 model. The foscam cloud is only for storing recordings, which we don’t use. Setup your wifi security and camera security correctly and you shouldn’t have a problem. we use the “Baby Monitor for IP Camera” app on our ipad and iphones and have been pretty happy with it.

As far as ST integration, our 7 month olds room has a contact sensor on the door and a Osram lightify bulb in a small lamp next to the rocker. The camera is also connected to Blue Iris which can send motion triggers to ST. So at night when we go in to put her down, the door is open and there is motion on the camera it turns the bulb on at 10%. Then when the door opens for my wife to feed her it also turns on at 10%. Then when she closes the door it turns the bulb off.

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Thanks @Automated_House I will have a look at these.