Only when home

Hi guys
Is that possible to turn some light on , if the door are open, only if I am home ?

Thank you


You should be able to build a ‘rule’ for this in the ST App on your mobile (iOS or Android).

You first need to set a mode for when its just you at home.

Then go into Smart Setup. Then Actions. Then Select Lighting. Choose Turn On When A door or window is opened. Choose the light/switch you want. Then the sensor you want and select at the bottom Only when Mode is and choose the mode you created for when its just you at home.

Click done and that should work for you.

Thank you :slight_smile: I will try that

I have 4 modes and 5 Hello Home profiles. Using the modes changes conditions you can set within most apps. The hello home profiles allow me to take certain actions that trigger many activities and change modes (night, away, vacation, etc.).

This allows me to do things like schedule lights to turn on and off, and alert me if there’s motion while we’re on vacation (bon voyage mode), or alert me if doors are opened and lock doors and turn off all lights (night mode). Let me know if you have any other specific questions, as the modes add a new layer of complexity and capability to your apps.