One Switch to control two banks of lights?


I currently have one hanging light on a regular switch but I want to add 6 recessed cans to the same switch. Ideally, I would like to replace the switch with a GE Zwave switch and have the one switch control the recessed lights and the hanging light independently. I have some Lightify can lights I was thinking of using and then I could put a smartbulb in the other light but is there a way to do this? Basically, have the lights get power all the time but have the one physical switch control them independently? I know there are some double tab apps but I’m struggling to figure this all out.

The basic way to do this is to replace the switch, as you said, and wire it up as normal. That gives you smart control of the dumb bulb(s) in the hanging fixture. Replace the can lights with Lightify and you have smart bulbs but no control; the quick fix is to put a plastic switch guard over the switch for that set of lights so they always have power.

You’ll probably want to set up Trendsetter to group the Lightify bulbs together; you can use Trendsetter for this.

Install the device handler below for your new smart switch. Set up two new rules in Smart Lighting: double tap on the top of the switch (button 1) turns on the Lightify group, double tap on the bottom of the switch (button 2) turns them off.

Thank you but I’m trying to avoid running wires down this wall for another switch. Basically, one switch for two groups of lights, just not sure it’s possible.

Are the cans already installed or are you trying to add them? Assuming that you have one or two existing switches and two existing sets of lights, what I described answers what you’re looking for.

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Cans are not installed, I just have one light installed.

I want to add cans off the one light, keep the one switch but control both sets of lights independently.

Sounds like you need a switch with a scene controller, there are several options available. it will let you control the two groups from one switch.

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