One house 6 studios


I am very new to this, I didn’t buy the hub or anything yet.
I browsed the forum and discovered the smartrules app… But I am still confused

I have three questions

1)I live in a house with 6 studios. Is there a way to program smartthings so that if one of the occupants is away and the motions sensor in his apartment detects motion… the siren alarm is trigger?

2)In case of alarm, is there any z-wave product that I can buy that can dial the police or a surveillance company?

3)If I am the “administrator” of the whole house, should the occupants be treated as child or should they access the normal app? As a clarification we have the same internet connection for the whole house

Sorry if my questions are too basic or stupid.

My best

Using SmartThings for security is tricky because it’s a cloud-based product. If the Internet goes down, not much works and it does not have the ability to use cellular communication with a monitoring station. And all of its notifications to users, including you as the account administrator, require the Internet.

They do have an extra cost option where you can sign up with scout for monitoring ( but only for intrusions, not for fire.)

So it will work for some people, not for everyone. ( I personally have a completely separate security system and use SmartThings for convenience notifications like the guestroom window being open when rain is expected.)

As far as getting an alert from just one studio, yes, that will work fine, again provided that the Internet is working. One of the good features of SmartThings is it lets you set different rules for each individual sensor, it doesn’t just treat them all as one group. :sunglasses:

With regard to your tenants, I would recommend giving them smarttiles for their controller. This is a very popular third-party app. It lets them turn on and off the devices you have made available on their dashboard, but they don’t have any account level capability.

Of course the question then is do you want them to be able to make up their own rules for when the lights go on and off, for example. If that’s the case, they have to have full admin access to the SmartThings account. So it can get tricky for a landlord. Smarttiles usually works fine for an Airbnb situation, but might not for longterm renters who want to create their own automation rules.

You can find some discussions on this topic by using the quick browse list in the community created wiki. Look in the project section for “second home.”

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A) Smart Things doesn’t dial the Police department. It does have integration with Scout security monitoring comany. (Optional)
B) You can set an action to activate a Siren from any individual or a group of motion sensors to activate a Siren. But do you have multiple Sirens or do you have one for the entire house? Also, motion sensors can give off falls Alarms. So you may need to setup multiple motion sensors to monitor a single zone from different angles. For this, there is a multi motion sensor app developed by one of the ST community developers. Smart Zone motion detector (Zone Motion Manager) 2.0.1 release.
C) You can use SmartTiles; anothe community app to give different apartments different access.


Thanks a lot for your help

yep I read about the Scout partnership… but I forgot to mention that I will use the system out of US… so is not an option… I thought that among the Z-wave devices or with IFTTT… there was some dialer that surveillance companies here in Colombia can use either 3G or landline…

There’s no Z wave dialer that I know of. IFTTT might be an option if the surveillance company will accept calls from them, but again if the Internet is down, then the message will not be sent.

Youse should be able to set this up with Core for the motion sensor part.


I don’t know what Core is

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