On/Off Switch + No Neutral + Fluorescent Tubes... Am I looking at the impossible?

Ugh - pure karma for the arrogance! Then maybe it is the GE 45606… these are a lot of models to pull from my brain (slash smart phone). I can confirm for sure when I am back

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I did this project today @ZebraBlinds

With a LOT of help from @anon36505037

I installed a Fibaro Dimmer 2, without a Neutral, changed parameter 32 to 1 to make it non-dimmable, I used the Bypass, and towards the successful part of the project I swapped out the old florescent tube for a 1.2M Phillips LED tube ($20) and it’s all working, plus I get an extra toggle switch on S2 for something else.


I am trying to do the same thing. I have the Fibaro installed and recognized in Smartthings. The switch works, but I keep getting a Voltage Fault. I have tried changing the Brightness, sometimes it works sometimes not. I am not getting flickering when off though. Do you need a bypass? What else am I doing wrong?

OK. So I am assuming then I don’t use the Brightness at all. Since non-dimming, it is all or nothing.

@anon36505037 - Thanks for your assistance, but after countless hours of working with it, I am just not able to get the device to work for my solution. Probably will send back. I just keep getting Load Faults and Surge Faults no matter what I set option 2 or Max Brightness setting.

For what it’s worth I get the same load faults, and surge faults, no matter what I change the parameters to, I just ignore them now, I think it’s a fault of the DH. The light still works perfectly, responds to physical switch, and to webCoRE pistons etc

@Alwas - It sounds like my solution is similar to one of yours. Standard 2-wire with 2 Fluorescent bulbs. I know yours may be slightly different, but what did you set Option #2? I may have been so focused on the Faults, that I never actually tried the light.

1 is 1.
2 is 70.
But I’ve tried every other number to for max brightness! You can turn the warnings off, but I just left it as is.

How come every time I try to turn on the light or toggle the switch, it goes back and tries to Sync? It seems like no matter what I set #2 parameter it just keeps calibrating.

If calibration is not turning off for you, I would first try to change that parameter with “Z-wave Tweaker”, or falling that, reset the Fibaro