Oil tank monitoring for less than $100!

I’ve been searching for a way to monitor my underground heating oil tank level for quite some time now. There are a few projects that use ultrasonic level sensors and raspberry pi integrations, but that was too expensive and complex for my needs. So here’s what I got:

-Oil compatible float switch with 1/4" male NPT threads
-1/4" female NPT to 1/4" copper slip adapter
-1/4" male NPT to 1/4" copper slip adapter
-10’ section of 1/4" hard copper pipe
-2" female NPT to slip PVC adapter (mates with oil tank fill pipe)
-1.5" PVC cap (cut to make flange)
-2" PVC pipe, 8" long
-2" PVC cap
-Z-wave contact sensor with dry contact input terminals
-Some 18 AWG wire to extend the float switch leads

I assembled the above to create an assembly that screws on to the oil fill pipe and suspends a float switch in the tank so that it changes state when the tank level is at 1/4. To fill the tank, just unscrew the assembly and lift it out of the way. I configured a “notify me when” app to send me a SMS when the tank reaches 1/4 and it’s time to order more oil. Easy peasy!