# of automations allowed?

I know I read somewhere here on the forums the allowable amount of automations allowed & that scenes & smart lighting did not count against the cap. I’m asking because I’m thinking since I added more devices I’m thinking of redoing everything & trying to move most automations in the new app. Thanks for the help.

maybe this is the thread you are referring to?


Yup that was it. Hope they increase the #.

Also note that as mentioned in that thread scenes definitely do count against the cap. In fact one scene is likely to have multiple “Behaviours” (one for each included device) and so will count multiple times. :disappointed_relieved:


I read that. I’m going to try & run many of the lighting’s auto in the smart lighting app. I do wish they increase the # though. After my recent work that was done in the house I have added more smart gadgets & I’m trying to do a little bit more before the end of the year.

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