[OBSOLETE] zStat Manager 2.0

I am happy to announce the release of zStat Manager 2.0 compatible with any thermostat device handler that uses the official thermostat capability.

This is a parent/child app that allows the HVAC system to be controlled by remote sensors.

The journey of building this app began at the end of 2015, as part of my effort to better manage seasonal changes (and cold/hot spots in my home). Click here to learn more about the original project.

After several versions, the zStat Manager 2.0 not only brings an improved UI workflow and bug fixes but also a few new features, namely

  • scheduling HVAC filter replacements using the app touch or a contact sensor
  • audio and text notifications of actions taken by the app
  • utilization reporting

You can install the apps using this GitHub credentials

For manual install*, use the following two source code files:

Parent Smart App: click here

Child Smart App: click here

*If you need guidance on how to install a custom smart app, please read this this guide (FAQ )


Parent App

Child App


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