[OBSOLETE] Xioami Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type

I am just not able to find any xBee series 2 zigbee boards for much less than $16-17 but those seem to be series 1, and I can’t find any xBee Grove development boards on eBay at all. There are xBee to USB boards anywhere from $4 (can I even trust that??) to well over $20 but most of them don’t have a reset button (apparently needed to do firmware updates).

Anyhow, I will do some research and make any future posts on @adam_walker’s thread discussing the xBee repeater solution.

I spoke too soon - mine have started to work - responding in more detail on the thread mentioned above!

We’ll see how it goes - I’m encouraged.

Thanks again for the great guide!

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Well I have had it with these Xiaomi devices. I have about 6 round Temp/Hum sensors and about 6 square ones. I am willing to trade for 6 of the Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Temperature Sensor or best offer. PM me if you are interested.

Down to 4 each left . If you need any let me know I no longer use them

Is there any DH for the Xiaomi 2-button Wall Switch (WXKG02LM) where both buttons are recognised?

I think this one should. I do not have this button though.

how can i change the heartbeat interval to 15 minutes. Sensor Aqara Window / Door

Does anyone know where I need to change on the DH to make the door sensor reverted?
I tried changing here:

tiles(scale: 2) {
multiAttributeTile(name:“contact”, type: “generic”, width: 6, height: 4) {
tileAttribute(“device.contact”, key: “PRIMARY_CONTROL”) {
attributeState “closed”, label:’${name}’, icon:“st.contact.contact.closed”, backgroundColor:"#00a0dc"
attributeState “open”, label:’${name}’, icon:“st.contact.contact.open”, backgroundColor:"#e86d13"

where ${name} is I put the state, opposing to “attributeState”, it changed but on ActionTiles the state as still normal.

Can someone help me?


Did you get to invert the door sensor?
I’m trying to find a way, I tried to create an alternative DH based on the original one and changing some stuff, but I couldn’t.
If you did it, can you share it with me, please?

Those do not include DH for the wall switch.

Im not sure where exactly i should post this info or even if its still relevant to anyone as i don’t see many post about problems pairing lately but i recently moved apartment and had to repair my Xiaomi buttons and temp sensors to the hub. It was as usual a little complicated but once i figured out exactly what to do then it was super easy and avoids all the button mashing some posts recommend.
I know a previous post by someone mentioned that when pairing the temp sensors the sequence of light flashes is important, it turns out the light flashes for the temp sensor and the buttons are the same to indicate its in pairing mode.
For the temp sensor - Start the hub searching by add a thing - push and hold the button on the temp sensor until it flashes three times, then push the button to see two light flashes, the two light flashes seem to be the pushes that the hub will detect so just keep pressing it every 5 seconds or so and checking the app to see if a thing is added. You might need to back out and restart the add a thing search but you can just keep pushing the temp sensor every 5 sec or so and it will be detected and paired.
For the button - Push and hold the actual button, while the button itself is pressed, insert a pin into the link/reset hole on the underside and hold that down also. The led will blink three times, now while keeping the main button pressed push the pin into the link hole every 5 sec or so to get the double flashes, again each of these pushes give the hub a chance to detect.

sorry if this is old news or painfully obvious to everyone but me but i thought it best to share in case someone else had the same issues i had in understanding the process of pairing

hope it helps

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Can you do a DH for Aqara S2 door lock? it uses zigbee…

I have had fully functioning Xiaomi door and motion sensors for over a year now. In the last week, I have lost communication with 3 door sensors and a motion sensor. I have tried re-pair the door sensors, but I always get the “solid blue” after the three flashes, indicating an unsuccessful pair (verified by the lack of a catchall in the events log). I can’t even pair my Smartthings-branded outlet (which is also Zigbee), so I suspect there is issues with Zigbee.

Is anybody else having problems with their Xiaomi/Zibee sensors?

I have been having issue with my Xiaomi/Aqara devices as well I have had rock solid for more than a year but the past few week they keep dropping off. I still have two motion sensors and 3 leak sensor still not able to reconnect

That is “normal”… sometimes they work few days, hours, weeks, months… and then suddenly issues. I just added one additional xiaomi open close sensor and suddenly my trådfri bulbs and other xiaomi open close sensors lost connection. I had to pair them again without removing sensors from smartthings. Just search new devices, pair messed up sensors normally and it rebuilds connection to hub again. Thank god it works like that. If I would have to pair them fully (remove device that is not working and pair it again) every time they lost their connection I would throw them away.
Couple of weeks ago I was very close to buy zwave open close sensors to replace all xiaomi sensors. For some reason seller was so slow that I decided to cancel order. If I find good offer I would definitely buy z wave sensors and forget using xiaomi sensors.

That’s not my experience at all…!
It usually comes down to at Zigbee repeater that is acting up, making the Zigbee mesh unstable, and not the endpoints themselves.
@idioffo89 When it happens, try to power cycle your mains powered Zigbee devices - that usually do the trick…
It’s all about the quality of your Zigbee mesh… :slight_smile:

Thank you I will try that and see how it goes. I might look for additional repeaters too. I agree a quality Zigbee mesh is definitely a must

Folks, I bought a single Xiaomi button and paired it with my Hub ~5 months ago. Now the button is shown as disconnected and it is not working. I remember I have to “List Events” and add but I don’t remember the details. I have the a4refillpad device handler already installed and currently there is a Xiaomi Button device under my devices, added 5 months ago.

I tried holding the “Link” hole for a few seconds. And then poking it again and seeing it blink twice. But I don’t see any Events under “List Events”. I am kind of stuck here. How can I pair the button again?

I have 1 Aqara type 2 pushbutton, working nice, controlling the lights downstairs.

Ordered 2 more, but their battery drains as lightning :cloud_with_lightning:.

The original AQ2 is working for months, still 70% battery.

The new buttons are in a week down to 1% and 9%.

Any idea, delivered with bad batteries?

Grtn Ben

Do you know of it’s really is down to 1% and 9% or its just the way those button are reporting which confuses the DTH? Maybe swap a battery over to the original button and see what the rating is there?

Another option is to ignore the reading and see how long they take to die.