[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet (Steps to Pair any Xiaomi Zigbee device!)

I actually disagree with needing to constantly perform mesh repairs. Zigbee is self healing and will fix itself over time. If indeed you move a lot of repeaters around the house then yes do it, but if you have 100+ sensors around the house each and every time you restart your hub some zigbee sensors will “stick” and it’s a major pain to fix. So, from my experience you should only do it if you run into big problems.
I’ve been conversing with support a bit on this one. Current thinking is that my ST outlet currently closest to the hub is possibly taking on more traffic than it can handle before the zigbee mesh goes into meltdown. So if I perform a “mesh repair” it actually makes it worse as every device that could have connected directly to the hub would choose to go via a repeater and then load this poor little outlet with even more traffic it cannot cope with.
If I do perform a mesh repair, I always leave this one outlet off to prevent it getting too many nodes using it as the last hop.

Hi Guys, I paired my outlet - no problem, but I can’t get it to turn on or off. I see all events, but nothing happens. Any suggestion on how I can troubleshoot it? Thanks!

Hi! My outled working well, and temperature also, However, the temperature does not update, only when I press the Refresh in App.

The DH from the community works. However, if you are not getting the tempreture/humidity sensor to work the way it should, you can use the Smart Sence Tempreture/Humidity sensor from the DH Type drop down. I recommend the second “Smart Sence Tempreture/Humidity” from the list of two identically named. I tried it and it works too. But if you can live with the community DH by @a4refillpad. I am using his DH and it seems to work out.


Thanks! But its not the temperature / humidity sensor, thats not working, a the wall plug. I upgraded DH, but still refreshes temperature feedback only when I press refresh.

OK. In that case, you can use the Pollster community app to refresh it at your choice of intervals. It is but one of many ways to achive the result you are looking for.


My plug does not report temp at all. Never knew it’s a feature.

Wondering about the reliability of using this in the attic for dual uses of the thermostat to trigger it and then to switch on the power to the attic ventilation fan. It’s quite a hassle to lug the ladder upstairs to access the attic so I’d prefer something that didn’t require me to access it after installation. Zigbee signal strength is not a concern.

I’ve found them to be as reliable as smartthings can be. Definitely more reliable than official smartthings sensors. You need to make sure they are properly paired a couple of days before putting it up there though.

EDIT: apologies, I thought this was in reference to the temperature sensors. If this is about the xiaomi outlet, then I don’t recommend them personally for reliability. Others have found them to be good but I’ve had a lot of issues with them causing sensors dropping off.


Thanks. Ordered a temperature sensor and will use it with the Peanut Zigbee plug which I’ve found to be very reliable.

Hi Everyone,

in the past 15 days I got 3 new Xiaomi Plugs (2 separate orders). Unlike the one I already have the LED on all there just blinks yellow (no red/blue) when Plug is ON. If the button is held while the plug is on after 4-5 seconds the LED stops blinking for something like 2 seconds and then resumes.
I have not been able to “catchall” anything from any of the 3. They are located quite close to the smartthings bridge (same location where I’ve paired all the rest of my Xiaomi sensors. I have quite a few (all kinds) that are working flawlessly. I tested many times every possible combination that I could think of - OFF + long press, On + long prress + short press, On + several long presses, etc.)
Any ideas?


I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue. I currently have a number of Xiaomi devices connected thru the catchall method. however with the last batch of motion sensors, it seems the catchall id is constantly changing. I have tried with a xiaomi button and it remains the same. Are these faulty sensors??


My experience is that the ID changes every time you reset the sensor.

Hi Simon

i tried with my Xiaomi button and that seems to remain the same… thats why i thought the changes with the sensor was strange. I will try to reset and use the first id that appears.


Hi all, someone may help me?

Hi All,

Apologies, but could do with some help on getting the Xiaomi Outlet to work.
Quick backgound:

  • I live in Australia
  • US ST hub (the kit) and the motion sensor and multi sensors connected stably.
  • I have Z-Wave disabled.
  • I bought 6 of the Xiaomi sockets from Aliexpr, not sure if I’m allowed to post links but they are described as “2016 new original Xiaomi smart socket …”
  • Rave’s xiaomi-zigbee-outlet.groovy device handler is installed (published “for me”)

I can’t for the life of me get these sockets recognised. I load ST app (android and samsung device), add a Thing, see it start looking in the live log, plug in socket and press button for ~5 seconds (the socket is blinking orange, after 5 seconds pressing it goes black, then starts blinking orange again). I check the events under my hubs, there are two types of entries

  • “Z-Wave include search started”
  • several entries called “ssdpTerm”. I’ve opened them up and the only difference between them is the “ID” which I assume is an event ID. I don’t see anything called catchall.
  • The socket is approx 3-4 inches from the hub when I’m doing this.

I’ve read through multiple threads to try and solve this, but I’ve come up short. Apologies if I’ve missed the answer in my searching. Also, I’ve tried two of the sockets I bought with the same result.

Appreciate anyone reading this far


Hi all don’t know if someone could help me but I have paired 2 xiaomi aqara door contact. They show up as online but the status is stuck on open it doesn’t seem to pick up any changes.

OK … I’ve had a moment of clarity and idiocy.
I think I’ve bought the wifi versions of the socket. The “uh-huh” moment was that I couldn’t get a blue light for the life of me.
I’ll look further into this and revert.

is there a way to measure power consumption from the xiaomi outlet? I know it is supported in the default xiaomi app.

Wpuld be interesting to if it does work …

Hi there,

Did you get an answer about the power consumption? I believe the answer is no.

I am about to pull the trigger on a few of these. I have other xiaomi zigbee devices and am using a4refilled DH’s. I see that quite a number of people have issues with the socket/outlet. Is there a known reason why it doesnt work?