[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

@Davey1985 - I assume you looked at my announcement post for the new device hander?

All the different press types for the model WXKG01LM Xiaomi button result in standard SmartThings button pushed events except for when the button is held. In that announcement post I included a chart showing that:

Action SmartThings Event Notes
Single press button 1 pushed
Hold button 1 held Event comes after button is released ~
Double-click button 2 pushed
Triple-click button 3 pushed
Quadruple-click button 4 pushed
Shizzle-click button 5 pushed 5 or more multi-click

So the button number needs to be part of the piston’s conditional, something like:

Device_Name's button #2 gets pushed

Something isn’t correct there. You should see another selection option for “Button Number”, like this:

The only thing I can think of that may be going on here is that your SmartThings Hub is not yet “aware” that the Xiaomi Button can send events for buttons #1-5.

In order for the hub to know how many buttons to make available to smart apps, a device handler has to send a numberOfButtons event.

All of the Xiaomi / Aqara button device handlers sends the numberOfButtons event when the button is paired, but if a user already paired a button and just changes from the old device handler to the new one, the number of buttons isn’t automatically updated.

To manually update the number of available buttons with the new driver, try opening the preference settings for the button in the SmartThings Classic mobile app, and then just press save:

Please let me know if that worked.