[OBSOLETE] Xiaomi Mi Cube / Magic Controller

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. When you tried it, what DTH did you use? I saw custom there, presuming you cooked up something on your own?

Considering to implement something like this in your version, and making it public? (pleasesayyes) :slight_smile:

I used my DTH but it is based on this available DTH and this function should work the same in both (I’m keeping button assignments from this DTH to keep backward compatibility and adding new features of my own). I will make my DTH public as soon as I finish it (just have to change few small things) so probably will release it by the end of the week.

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Nice work on the UI, if I might make a suggested feature request, it would be nice to be able to also custom label what each function does in a particular setup. That would help remember that “Rotate Right” = Dim Up, etc.

While I would love to include this functionality if it was achievable I don’t think It’s possible or even practical for this DTH for the following reasons:

  • SmartThings provides us with only one possible dynamic value per tile. This variable is used to change tile state (like marking the active face in case of my DTH) or displaying a value (temperature for example). It can be used to set labels for static tiles but that makes it impossible to use with other functionality I implemented.

  • My version of DTH will provide separate actions for different faces. For example ‘slide’ gesture on face 5 will provide a different action than ‘slide’ on face 4 giving users many more functions than the 7 provided by the original DTH. So labeling a button with single function won’t make much sense.

  • Assigning Functions to buttons should be job of SmartApp and while I understand the reason for labels the DTH interface for remote type devices shouldn’t really be used, It’s there only for emergency use when the device is not responding/available the idea being you use your Cube not the DTH to control your home. If you want a “In app remote” for your SmartThings you should probably use some kind of virtual device.


Thanks for your thorough explanation. I appreciate all the hard work that you have put into this DTH. :slight_smile:


Just released my DTH:



my cube was working fine for a few months. Last week I realized that it is not working anymore.
So I replaced the battery and tried again.
Blue led is working but I get no activities on th ST environment.
Then I tried checking the network ID with the method that I had used when installing.
I saw that there is a new network ID when I press the button on it. Each time I use the button, I get a new network ID on the catchall event.
is this normal ?

when I update the device on the api with new network ID, it still does not work.
how can I know which network ID to use ?


Came here with a similar question and you answered it. I have a bunch of the temp sensors and they change ID with each reset. I tried to pair a Magic Cube the other day and had no problem pairing it and seeing it in the app but it never syncs the battery and has no response. Each reset shows the same ID.

I’m pretty sure it should be changing its ID each time.

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Not sure if it has technically corrected my disconnecting cube but I added a Webcore piston to press the “configure” button every 2 hours and since doing this I’ve had the device connected for a few days now - no issues.

Is any one successfully pair cube after 18.18 update, look like cubes are affected same as door and motion sensors. They disconnects from ST around hour after pairing.

New update 18.21 is out and fixed all issues with Xiaomi accessory.

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I am trying to set up the Mi Cube using @ClassicGOD’s DH however no matter what I do I do not see any events from the cube… I have reset and paired it multiple times to no avail. Do I also need to run a particular SmartApp?

Does anybody happen to have any suggestions?

Many thanks!

Just wanted to say thank you. This is working great with my Hue lights.

I had some trouble getting it to show up too.

Basically in the Smart things API go to My Hubs, click on Events near the bottom.

In the smart things app, click on add device so it’s searching. Open up your Mi cube and press the link button. Refresh the events page. If it doesn’t show up, try holding the buttom for a few seconds.

It took me about 10 presses to get it to show up.

This one worked for me :smile:

I just received my cube and I tried to pair for an hour… :confused:

I have a Xiaomi temperature sensor and a button and both paired easily looking for the catchall entry in the events list. No luck with the cube.

When I press the link button inside it (sometimes) turn blue and off after 3 seconds, but never blinks. No catchall event on the list (only many Belkin events…).

Any ideas would be appreciated! Happy holidays.

If I remember correctly when I paired two cubes they paired the regular way, and I did not use catch-all

Are you looking for the catch-all events in the Live Log? You need to look in the Hub Log “Hub Events”. (see my post 15 above)

Does anybody have an idea of what the battery life is on these? (And what kind of battery they use.) I can’t find any decent reviews. Thanks!

Comes with a Panasonic CR2450.