[OBSOLETE] Virtual Presence Plus (presence controlled by a virtual switch)

Like the handler but is there any way to remove control from the SmartThings app? I’m controlling mine using webCoRE and would like to remove ability to switch between away and present in SmartThings app so it doesn’t accidentally get changed. @anon36505037

Works perfectly with IFTTT. My wifes phone never seemed to update when used as a presence sensor. Now I have this tied into my Deco system, and it works like a charm.

Nice work.

Does Mobile Presence Plus work with the new SmartThings? Where do I see it, add it?

My SHM arms when I leave. I use the app to the switch on when I have someone visit my house, like a handyman. Unfortunately my alarm still goes off, even though the presence sensor is on. Am I doing something wrong?

have you added the virtual presance to your “im home routine” or equivlent, to disarm your home

Yes indeed- just double checked it.

Hi All,

Can anyone help with what actions need to be sent with this to work with IFTTT?

Currently I have a webhook setup with switch on event to

If Maker Event “departed”, then Switch off Neil_Switch

Are the event names “departed” and “arrived”

Thanks all


I have made a YouTube video utilizing your virtual switch to show the status of my family’s mobile devices in the new ST App. I gave credit to you for the creation of the switch, (thank you) and have requested consideration for your efforts from those that benefit from your work.

To the point… I am using the the virtual switch on a iOS device. I have a subscriber that followed my setup to install the switches on an Android device. He stated, “Setup in the IDE went well, but the end result is that the phones aren’t showing in the (ST) App.” I am not real familiar with how the App functions on ST, but I know there has been issues with detecting the presence when using Android phones. Do your or others have any idea why the sensors are not displaying in the device list within the app

I dont think Austin is active on Smartthings anymore. I made an updated handler that makes a virtual presence device that displays in the new app, and can be toggled manually or automatically. It’s on my github, and screensot of the device attached

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Thanks Tim. I’ll check it out

Hi Tim,

What Device Type do we need to choose when creating new device?


Virtual Presence

Thanks, Troy, I didn’t think it had the option when I added it Device Handler

Youre welcome. Anytime.

It is listed as “setable simulated presence sensor”. The drop down list isn’t alphabetical, custom devices are near the end of the list.

Thanks Tim :ok_hand:

Hi Tim, That worked. But the problem I have is that it takes a long time before the presence sensor updates and shows my Status.

E.g. When I get home or when I leave my Geofence, it takes forever for the status to update. So if I want to run a routine when I arrive home, it doesn’t update for a while.

Is there a way to include a way to update the sensor every 30 seconds or so? that way when I enter my Geofence and enter my home, it updates an starts the routines I create.

This is working good for me so I was wondering how big is your geofence area. I have mine set to almost a mile with 2 traffic lights so from once I enter the area it registers my presence 99% of the time. When it doesn’t work it because of something with the hub/network/cloud from what I can tell.

Yeah this is just a virtual sensor, so some other presence automation actually triggers it. That can be a webcore piston, automation in the new app, smartapp, or even a third party service like IFTTT or Alexa. If it’s slow, that isn’t a delay by the virtual sensor but is on whatever automation you are using to trigger it. You can try changing that trigger to something else if it’s not reliable. The good news is though that if you tie all your presence automations to this virtual sensor, you now only need to change the one automation that triggers the virtual sensor itself if there is a problem. I made this in the first place because presence doesn’t work or show reliably in the new app, and my phone kept getting deleted as a presence device. I got tired of always redoing 10 webcore pistons every time that happened. Now I just have to redo one if I made a change or presence gets messed up.


In this case, the sensor will work for my phone (the one that has the SmartThings app, however, how I make it works for my wife (she is already a member on ST)