[OBSOLETE] Super Notifier - All your alerts in one place!

Hi AstralNyt,

I get notifications from lightning, fireworks and even sometime an airplane (I am pretty close to an airport). Super Notifier has a really cool “Execution Restrictions” capability with notifications where you can specify “Only during a certain time”, “only certain days”, “Only when this switch is …?” and “Only during specific modes (s)”. All of those are very useful but the “only when this switch is …?” I have found is the most useful because you can flip a switch off all kinds of conditions.

P.S. I hope you don’t mind me posting a link here to your code which is also very useful!

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My 25yo house also backs up next to a runway and I’ve never gotten false alerts from planes or lightning. You definitely should take a closer look at the structural conditions of your doors, jambs, and associated hardware. At the very least, they are probably not as efficient as they could be. Just adding weather stripping might stop the problem all together.

In the short term, I’ll add another page for notification restrictions that will handle time of day, day(s) of week, mode(s), and switch(es) in a specified state. In the long term, it would be nice if there were a central notification management app to which I could publish notifications. Super Notifier may be that app, and I would just become a child app to it. I haven’t looked at what is most popular in the community.

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I just submitted a pull request that adds the ability to monitor a water valve and send a delayed notification on Open/Closed. Tested working OK.

I have a valve that feeds my sprinklers, sometimes I’ll close it to override the sprinkler system and left it closed for days! I only noticed it was closed when my grass started dying.

Hey that’s a cool idea. I don’t see the pull request in github though. Maybe it was to a cloned repository and not mine? If not, you can just post the changes in here or PM them to me and I can add them that way too. I imagine it’s just a couple of different blocks of code. Give me those and the line they go to and I’ll add them.

I resubmitted the request, there are 33 edits

Got it that time and published it, thanks!

Is this compatible with the new ST app?

It is, but you need to use the classic app to set it up. Once it’s set up you’re all good in either app (most of it runs in the background, with not a lot of actual interaction).

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Can we add the ability inside instant alerts, to recheck on mode change?

IE: If mode changes to away, notify if lock unlocked, garage door open, laundry running.

I’ve added the switch, subscribed in initialization, and created its own eventHandler. I’m just missing the last step…

Having trouble getting this to work after migrating to the new app this morning. It was setup in the classic app, I migrated, and deleted the classic app. It looks like everything converted over but i am not getting any notifications from this app in the new smartthings application. Any guidance?

Really need the delayed alerts for when lights are left on.

Make sure notifications are enabled for the new phone app. I migrated this weekend officially and everything works. Are you getting notifications from other things in the app?

Only noted bug so far is some selections in setup don’t automatically load dependent settings. For example, when setting up a delayed alert, once you select “Contact” or whatever for monitoring, a new selection should show up that lets you pick which sensor to monitor. But it doesn’t immediately. A workaround is just to select push notifications or another setting and let the app refresh the page again, then the contact selection will show up for you. I’m going to try to find a fix for that, but considering I saw WebCore has a known issue where there isn’t a “done” selection during settings, I’m not sure I’ll find a solution (in WebCore’s case, you just hit cancel and even discard changes but the changes are still saved. If they can’t fix their bug, I doubt I’ll figure mine out).

Please let me know if there are other bugs found.

I am receiving double notifications for light devices within Super Notifier… did something change with Smartthings that maybe causing this situation?


Did SmartThings do a recent update? I am not finding super notifier anywhere in the app as of this morning.

Come to think of it, I’m not able to find any of the old custom-built automation tools in the app any more?

Look in Automations > Add Routine > click on the Discover tab > scroll to bottom of screen

Thanks. I had to sign out and then back in and found it. Never had to do that before

Not sure if it will let me make changes to some of my older automations, but I will try and mess around with it later. This could be an unintended byproduct of an issue with my Arlo cameras not sending motion events to SmartThings for the last three months.


What is the migration path for Super Notifier, given the Groovy IDE is going away very soon? Is there an equivalent ability already within the ST App? Will anything get migrated or is there something users should be doing?

UH OH!! Is this no longer supported in ST?

Yes it has been shut down

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Every custom groovy smartapp was shut off this week, because Samsung is no longer providing hosting. So, yes. :disappointed_relieved:

This is when we say “the rubber hits the road.” And it’s real for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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