[OBSOLETE] Sonoff, Sonoff TH, S20, Dual, 4CH, POW, & Touch Device Handler & SmartApp ($5 & $10 Smart Switches)

Glad you got it working. We need someone with extra time to put together a really nice “how-to” with an outline, pictures, etc. (as was mentioned above). :wink:

Ha ha ok Eric it’s a deal. I have this first experimental Sonoff working with ST and therefore it is also voice controlled via my Amazon Echo Dot. I’m going to order some more so I’ll have a go at doing a how to. It’ll be a while but I’ll post the first draft here for review and then take suggestions for amendments!

Am having some issues with flashing the Sonoff am looking for any guidance please.

Have previously flashed H801’s all ok.

So have purchased the 10a version, shown below. Image varies to others i have seen on here so is this a compatible version?

When connected with jump cables and plugging in usb cable as per instructions, the green led on the Sonoff starts flashing slowly, is this correct or should it be solid?

SET AT 3.3V) connected to the switch (square pin = VCC, then TX, RX, GROUND - that order), plug the FTDI adapter into the USB port of your computer while holding down the button on the switch. This puts it into programming mode.

When typing in the flashing command am getting these issues constantly

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

That error implies the flash utility isn’t seeing the actual flash file. Rename it to flash.bin and change the command line to match, make sure it’s in the same directory, and as a precaution launch the command window as administrator.

Do you have any plans to develop the code for the Sonoff SV or the motor/pump smart switch?
Possibly even the Sonoff SC sensor?

The SV would be useful in a lot of applications, but none that’d I’d point out upfront.

The motor pump switch might be the ultimate smart blind controller. You have a controller with capability of driving motors or servos that would require very little adaptation of code of the Sonoff switches likely combined with a dimmer profile for multi position setting. Or have a few preset positions. 0, 25, 50, 75, 100% 0 and 100 being closed.
It would be a drop in solution that the user could use for blinds, or full curtains as this can deal with voltage loads for motors.

The SC sensor platform would be the best multi sensor with wide capabilities for a very low cost of acuisition. It would be the perfect compliment for the motor control used with a smart blind handler where lux rating or temperature reporting to ST could be used to trigger blinds.
As well, the mic could be a trigger much coded to function as an occupancy sensor, and the dust sensor can be used as a trigger for HVAC and fan operation.

The motor module and SC have the promise of being the go to smart blind system.


Good internal on the SC


Was just looking at the SC myself, interesting, depending on how accurate it is.

These ‘hacks’ look great for the SC! Especially that LED ring!

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Hi, I have 1 original Sonoff that has been in and working daily controlling power to my subwoofer via harmony hub to smartthings hub and 2 Sonoff copies made from esp8266 modules and power supplies that I had laying around. All have been in and working fine for about 9 months. I have just received a TH10 with temp probe I have flashed it and installed to smartthings but I can not get a temp reading, even from the web browser the temp just shows NAN. The probe test ok with a multimeter (same as a DS18B20) and I have tried several DS18B20’s soldered directly to the Sonoff board, and the socket pin on the board is OK (0 ohms) to GPIO14 on the esp chip. +ve and Gnd are also Ok to the probe as well as the 2 10k pull up resistors (in parallel). I have run out of ideas.

Did you plug it in while powered? I did that and mine didnt work and I think I killed it, the other one that I didnt do that to is working fine. Not keen on messing about swapping incase I kill more stuff so am waiting on more to arrive.

Same problem with nan temperature readings. I could not find a solution and gave up…

Hello guys In the forum it tells you that this sensor(DS18B20) doesn’t work with the flashed firmware on the sonoff TH, but the non waterproof temp and hue sensor (AM2301) does as I had the same problem with my sensor

I have read through this forum many times and had not seen this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Unfortunately I want to drop the sensor in my swimming pool so that doesn’t help. I have had a DS18B20 working on an esp8266 (but using UDP, not connected to smartthings) so it can’t be too difficult. If ERIC sees this, would it be possible to include code for the DS18B20.

Ok, I found it now and it appears to be on Eric’s to do list. Smartthings home automation would be a lot slower and more expensive without Eric and Sonoff !


I wouldnt put something in a pool connected to a power supply like on the sonoffs just in case. Not sure I really trust them to maintain isolation from the mains side.

I actually have an SC but have not had a chance to play around with it yet. Looks like it will require a lot of work, but I would love to get it going. Especially with @Benji’s Pixel hack shown below.

The SV would be a lot easier to tackle. I will order one to check out. I have been wanting a simple blinds solution. One thing regarding this is how would power be delivered? I know that the esp8266 has a sleep mode for battery efficiency, but I believe that is more for devices like contact or motion sensors that can be woken up by an external trigger. This device, if battery powered, would always have to be on to receive commands.

@Flash the DS18B20 is on my to-do list and is not currently supported.


I mentioned the SV as it would have a lot of potential uses for different DIY’d integrations.

The one I was mentioning for smart blinds was the Motor/Pump smart switch.
It has 2 relays, one to rotate a motor clockwise, one to rotate counter clockwise. As you said though, the power solution would be the end user must figure out, but either way a handler for it that the user sets seconds of operation for ), 25, 50, 75, 100% (for 180 degrees of smart blind rotation. All the user has to do is run a test mode to see the time length to rotate the motor and stop and input that in their settings. It might be pretty cool if the module could work out.

The thing that intrigues me most is the Sonoff IOT wifi development board. it’s an 8266 board without firmware. Loading a version of your firmware on it would probably work.
It has 5 device connection points. And the list of bricks is pretty extensive.

The idea would be to customize and load base firmware, and have in user settings within app (or on web interface) a drop down selection for each attachment point for the sensor connected. Little by little you could add support for a huge array of sensors.

Realistically a user could custom build sensor and relay packages for each room dependent on what they want.

Heck, for something like this, you could easily charge for the code. I know I’d pay for it.

Link to board:

Link to modules/bricks

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can you expain how to conneceted with sonoff device?

sorry for my bad english…

i really want to connect sonoff device.

but everywhere cant found some infomation…

if you can teach me. send me e mail please…

thank you

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Thanks for your great Job.
I have flashed well Sonoff wifi and Sonoff S20 but with Sonoff RF ( with 433 transmitter ) I’m not able to set up Sonoff after flashing with firmware sonoffgeneric.
I’m not able to found default network during startup.
Flashing is gone well without error message.


Although it isn’t tailored to SmartThings ESPEasy is very similar to what you are describing.

@lud Make sure that the case is not pressing the button down as that will leave it in flashing mode. Also, are you able to control the relay by pushing the button?