[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

Quick question. I’ve had SHM Delay 2 set up for over a year now. My Arm (away) and Disarm modes are mostly automated by presence sensors and so I haven’t really needed to find tune SHM Delay. I just added another Fire Tablet with ActionTiles and thought it was a good time to dive in.

The short setup details are:

  • Using Konnected.io panel.
  • Using Classic app.
  • Using two Fire Tablets with ActionTiles at Front Door (exits outside) and a Laundry Room Door (exits to garage).
  • There’s one motion sensor and it can see motion at the Front Door only.
  • I do have webCoRE set up to do some automation… nothing complicated. Basically just setting Armed Away and Disarmed based on phone presence sensors. Also setting Armed Home nightly at 11pm (if someone is home, and if Armed Away is not set) and Disarmed at 6am (only if someone is home).

Few questions…

  • I’m using the Fully Kiosk DTH and have a Talk Profile set up speak text on entry/exit. While it does say what I have entered for text, the number of times it repeats the message seems to vary between 2 or 3 times. I believe in testing one time was more. What controls how many times the message is spoken, and the delay time between repeats? Is there a way for it to update the delay time on each repeat, so if it starts at 30 seconds, the 2nd repeat should be less seconds and so on.

  • I tested an Armed Away state. Waited the delay period. Then opened a door that there is a profile for. I was prompted with the entry delay message, but after the delay period lapsed, nothing happened even when a motion sensor detected motion. I closed the door. Nothing happened. Opened the door again, got the entry delay message. I think this was because there was a leftover intrusion notification. After I dismissed those, and tested again, the next time I opened the door after delay, I got both instant alarm and a entry delay message simultaneously. Why?

  • Slightly OT, but can ActionTiles display a countdown of the entry or exit delay time countdown?

  • Also OT, but some indication on ActionTiles about when that delay has expired would be nice too… Like, for exist delay, showing when the delay state is counting, and then when the system is truly armed.

Thanks all!

The message is triggered when the contact sensor opens. Is the sensor “bouncing” open/closed/open/etc? Otherwise I have no idea.

Perhaps a motion sensor triggered the intrusion? Check the logs. If so add the motion sensor to the delay profile. Otherwise no idea.

Don’t know how to display the count down, you may be able to send it a notification message, however you can speak it.
Review the [Fully Kiosk Browser Controller thread] ([RELEASE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller (DTH))
add something like this to the talker exit delay message

  • A sample 30 second countdown (timings may vary on your system)
    {speak}Alarm system is arming in 30 seconds, please exit the facility. {break time="1s"/} 25 seconds{break time="3200ms"/}20 seconds{break time="3200ms"/}15 seconds{break time="3200ms"/}10 seconds{break time="3200ms"/}5{break time="750ms"/}4{break time="750ms"/}3{break time="750ms"/}2{break time="750ms"/}1{/speak}

The Talker module has an option to speak the armed status when it changes.

See above. Personally I don’t use entry count downs or speak the amount of time before intruder alert, it gives an intruder too much information.

For the record I’m now 100% on Hubitat, using many of the techniques I learned and developed on ST.

To insert a virtual contact in the NewApp the way is to use the bjpierron idea. In the fact the simple switch is not accepted by the NewApp - only sensors. Simulated original sensor can’t be “switched”. From the post above I trayed use it in SHM Delay. The problematics of capability sensor and switch with adequate on/off and corresponding open/closed treatemet is present.
In my first oservation it is working.


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I have been using SHM for a while to try to avoid false alarms when presence isn’t detected right away. However, even with several detection methods I still get alarm triggers. Is there a way for SHM to send a push notification/SMS immediately, as soon as it detects a trigger? That way I can use the delay time to manually disarm the system and avoid the alarm going off. I know there is a way to beep the keypad, but I don’t have any of those.

My suggestion: setup a simple WebCore piston that sends a notification

BTW poor presence sensing was the reason I switched to a keypad.

Ha. Good point. I guess webcore would be easier… Thanks for the tip!
I will have to look into the keypads if this doesn’t work.

One other suggestion. Install an inexpensive Amazon Fire Tablet, with Fully Kiosk Browser, and ActionTiles providing visual status, voice alerts, plus an easy manual method of disarming.

Hello! First, thanks to ArnB for setting this up. I’ve got almost all of it put together. However, worried about the motion sensors. I’ve checked quite a bit of this thread, but haven’t found the answer.

I’ve set up the simulated contact sensor, now the only sensor monitored by STHM. I’ve set up delay profiles as appropriate for the real contact sensors, all linked to that single simulated contact.

I have motion sensors as well. I have not found a way to set up a simulated motion sensor delay profile - only for contact sensors. If I remove from STHM to avoid an intrusion alert while the contact delay is in effect, it seems like they’re not monitored at all. Am I missing an app module? Or a step someplace? I want to make sure that the motion sensors still function. I’m sure I’ve just missed something.

Thanks again for any help. Let me know what you need to troubleshoot.

I know I’ve seen it around here, but how do you set a delay in the entry delay message? I’d like it to say you have 30 seconds to disarm SHM, 25 seconds to disarm, 20 seconds to disarm, etc. I know the %nn will pull the remaining time, but I can’t get it to pause in between. I think it was something like %wait 3600 or something along those lines.

Delay profile are created for contact sensors.

If the simulated motions are Konnected, they would be added to the delay profile for the contact sensor, and treated as real motions.

Use TTS SSML. I use it with the Fully Kiosk Browser Controller. Scroll down, the SSML info is near the end of the first post that also documents why {} instead of <>

I do not recommend an entry countdown, gives a thief too much information.

This is my Exit Delay countdown

{speak}Alarm system is arming in 30 seconds, please exit the facility. {break time=“1s”/} 25 seconds{break time=“2800ms”/}20 seconds{break time=“2800ms”/}15 seconds{break time=“2800ms”/}10 seconds{break time=“2800ms”/}5{break time=“700ms”/}4{break time=“700ms”/}3{break time=“700ms”/}2{break time=“700ms”/}1{/speak}

My Entry delay TTS
Disarm system, or police will arrive shortly

BTW Countdowns are problematic on ST due to cloud and internet delays. It works well on my local Hubitat system.

@arnb i appreciate all you do here to this community

i was able to set the Exit delay Via the automation tools built in with the new ST app by using a virtual switch and a automated rule to delay Arm Away when home mode is set away…

so although arming via the ST app it will arm instantly (which i dont really care about…if i can arm via the app i can do it outside the house…) but on the wall - tablet which i set up with @joshua_lyon Sharptools it does the the job…!

In terms of Entry Delay ST added a response delay in the new app which delays the Sirens and other responses and as long you disarm it within the response delay time set it wont trigger.

But now i need to get a sound on the tablet to remind me to disarm… i use Fully kiosk Browser … you mentioned something about using TTS SSML… can you advise ?

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Never mind i got it to work with your article here!!! thank you !!!


I am a tad confused. Are you saying this is the best way add a virtual contact sensor in ST New App and other methods don’t work? Thanks.

I am no longer on SmartThings, so I suggest following what has worked for other users.
From what I have read the standard virtual contact sensor does not work

Hi! The best way? I don’t know… I found this method to transmit the open/closed state to the simulated sensor in the STHM survey sensors field.
I think that others concepts can work also. Send us if other models works!

Thanks. I assume I install this code under Device Handler and do I publish it?

Exactly. The device is a hybrid sensor switch capability.

Hello. I know you are 100% Hubitat now. Could you tell me- when I arm system, then open door to Exit, should the Simulated Sensor display as open? My exit door shows open until I close it.

Normally the simulated contact sensor is closed, the app works if it’s open, but does not change the sensor’s state unless there is an intrusion.

When an intrusion is detected, the app closes the simulated sensor, then opens it setting SHM to intrusion status, then a few seconds later closes it.