[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

The message is triggered when the contact sensor opens. Is the sensor “bouncing” open/closed/open/etc? Otherwise I have no idea.

Perhaps a motion sensor triggered the intrusion? Check the logs. If so add the motion sensor to the delay profile. Otherwise no idea.

Don’t know how to display the count down, you may be able to send it a notification message, however you can speak it.
Review the [Fully Kiosk Browser Controller thread] ([OBSOLETE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller (DTH))
add something like this to the talker exit delay message

  • A sample 30 second countdown (timings may vary on your system)
    {speak}Alarm system is arming in 30 seconds, please exit the facility. {break time="1s"/} 25 seconds{break time="3200ms"/}20 seconds{break time="3200ms"/}15 seconds{break time="3200ms"/}10 seconds{break time="3200ms"/}5{break time="750ms"/}4{break time="750ms"/}3{break time="750ms"/}2{break time="750ms"/}1{/speak}

The Talker module has an option to speak the armed status when it changes.

See above. Personally I don’t use entry count downs or speak the amount of time before intruder alert, it gives an intruder too much information.

For the record I’m now 100% on Hubitat, using many of the techniques I learned and developed on ST.