[OBSOLETE] SHM Delay Version 2.0

After an ST alarm you must go into the phone app, and clear the alarm in order to get notified of any additional alarms. It’s the way ST works. You should be able to dismiss the siren when clearing the alarm.

31. SHM Delay BuzzerSwitch

Would it be possible to define different actuators for the input and for the delayed output in this app?

Sure. It’s public source code and may be changed. What do you want it to do?

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thanks for answering. I really want to activate a virtual button that launches a message in alexa in the delay input.

I’ve put the button capability to that button and now I’m testing the delayed entry options of beep on a keyboard. but I have not tried it yet.

Actually, your application does not have to be touched, it is better, in my opinion, to modify the virtual switch. Now I am testing with the option to send a beep to an alarm, in delayed entries, I see that it sends a beep to the virtual switch, the problem would now be how to convert that beep signal into a cieerre or virtual switch press that are both options that make the message jump in alexa.

I don’t use Alexa, so I can’t help with that. I prefer using TTS with Fire tablets and old Android smartphones with running Fully with ActionTiles, and Fully Kiosk Browser Controller

Have you looked at the echo speaks smartapp?

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New, thank you very much. I am testing several solutions, webcore among them. but the easiest would be:

in the delay options. beep this devices on entry delay, also activate for a switch that sends the option on.

If you could give me some indications of which line of the code would have to make the changes, it would be very kind on your part.


Not sure what is meant by “sends the option on”. However, if you want a switch to monitor in another app or piston controlled by Buzzer Switch:

  • create a simulated switch device
  • add sim switch to Buzzer Switch
  • then react to the On, then set if Off in whatever other code monitors it

Thank you, this is the way I’m trying. I’m clear point one and three. As for the two, could it be a little more concrete?

I do not exactly understand that it is sim switch to buzzer swicht passed to smartthings code.

Add the simulated switch as a device to the buzzer switch application and it will open it. Then you make use it anywhere you want.

Thank you for all your replies. Let me explain the reason why I am with this topic.

For some time, the beep in the delayed entry began to have a delay of between 6 and 10 seconds randomly, which did not make it useful for me. I could not tell you if it was in any update.

Then I thought it was a problem with my device that was making the beep that generated that delay, and I started trying to use an ad with alexa that activates a virtual switch.

After trying several solutions I have found the one that at the moment worked best for me, which has been to modify shm delay Chid in the lines:

  1. input “thesiren”, “capability.switch”, required: false, multiple: true,

470 if (it.hasCommand (“on”) || (it.hasCommand (“siren”) && it.hasCommand (“off”)))

What worked and worked, but with surprise for me, with the same delay in executing between 6 and 10 seconds, in the three tests carried out.

Please understand my great thanks and respect for your great work, but could this be a problem with any of the latest updates, or is it a problem that only reproduces in my environment?

From, thank you very much.

The problem is expecting timing to be accurate on a system that is running in the cloud over the internet. I’ve given up wondering about when my siren is going to beep, usually it’s anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds delayed

A quick note Arn. With version 01.07.00 of the Enhanced ZigBee Keypad DTH, we’ve added the option to trigger the built in Siren/Alarm on the Iris v2 Keypad (3405-L), in addition to the v3 Keypad. This should work with SHM delay also and the siren is automatically triggered when the panic button is pressed on the keypad. More details along with a video clip is available on this post:

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Hello Maddie
I have the Arcus keypad attributes, tried the various commands on an Iris V2, and to my ears the Panic and Beep sound the same. Does this agree with your experience or am I missing something?

For the record I have Mitch Pond’s keypad DTH happily working in Hubitat and will likely be adding the alarm capabilities to both the ST and HE versions. Another device making noise is always good thing on an intrusion.

Edit: After adjusting the Alarm command, it now sounds like the fast beep on the exit delay.

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Arn, the Siren and Beeping are two completely different features. The Beeping is a more like a faint chime where the Siren is more like a 65-85dB Alarm (depending on the model). We had some inputs from Centralite/IRIS to get this feature enabled. We’re also working on an enhancement for different Siren sounds but we don’t have an ETA on that feature as yet.

There are two videos links in the release post from @maddie above for the v2 and v3 keypads which show the Sirens in action. I’m including the here. It’s much much louder, sounds different and is continuous until it’s turned off unlike the beeping.

Thank you. I have the siren working with a modified Mitch Pond DTH, and yes it is different than the beep. It works on the Iris V2, does not work on the Centralite V2, not sure about the Centralite V3. The DTH does not support the Iris V3.

On my Iris V2 keypad, perhaps since I have volume turned up, the siren and beeps are equally loud, and is identical to the sound in the V2 video.

We’re able to hear a 20dB+ difference when using an audio meter to test it vs the beep and any custom beep patterns.

Should anyone using the Mitch Pond DTH with an Iris V2 keypad, want a version with the Alarm option. The Centralite V2 does not react to the siren command, not sure what the Centralite V3 will do.

With this change the Iris V2 device may be selected for use with SHM Alarms.

I hate to bother you, but I’m at my wit’s end. SHM Delay Version 2 just suddenly stopped working today. The keypad (Centralite 3400) wouldn’t respond properly. I’d push Away or Nighttime and the PIN, and it wouldn’t execute.

I tried the keypad reboot method of holding the tamper key while replacing a single battery, and that seemed to go as expected, and it may have fixed the problem. I’ll see.

As part of my attempt to fix things, I deleted the SHM Delay profile, and tried to re-create it, and now I can’t. It hangs up at the “Next” screen after entering the real contact monitor to follow and the virtual contact to trigger. Hitting next does nothing. It tries to advance, and doesn’t, so I can’t save the delay profile. I tried reinstalling (but not publishing) the child app to no avail. Attached is a screen shot of my IDE.

Any advice?

Thanks so much for your very useful app and your time,


Never mind! I tried it one last time before bed and it worked this time. No idea why!

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