[OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Just updated the app, it’s still static but should be more clear now, it gives an option to add/update/delete a user.

Where is that published? Looked at the shared smart apps and there are 2 apps, identical with Oct 29 and 30 dates.

What’s this shared smart app you’re referring to? where do I find this?

I’ve posted and updated the app in the first post above:

When editing a smart app a button appears to the far right (just below logout) that says "Browse Smart Apps. When you click on it you can see all the publicly published app from users.
I found your code above thanks!

RBoy, I might have missed it, but is there a way that this smart app can show what codes are currently setup for my locks? I have 2 Schlage BE469 locks and I was wondering if there is an easy way to see if there are other codes set that I might have forgotten about.


Kinda mixed, if you set some codes on the lock the app can’t retrieve them, if you sent them through the app you can retrieve them but I removed that code for security reasons, when deleting or updating an existing code you don’t need to get the existing codes, just the slot numbers.

What can be done however is see if there’s a notification of which SLOTS are used or unused. That would require another app to be written


noticing that if I want to delete a user slot it requires me to put a code in the “user passcode” field.

Yes I know, I’ve been asking help from the community on how to dynamically remove inputs not required but haven’t got any responses yet.

For now just put an X, I’ve made the default as X, it basically ignores the field.

If you have some ideas let me know.

“home on unlock too” has fields that appear if a slider is ticked. But that would probably require separate tickers for add/edit/delete.

I just received this error. Did I miss something?
2:08:43 PM: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘setCode’ is not supported. Supported commands: [lock, unlock] @ line 61

your lock doesn’t seem to support setCode funtionality. What lock do you have and are you using the standard Z-Wave lock device type or a custom type?

Nice work. This SmartApp works for my Kwikset 910. Thanks!

Okay just updated the code with 2 items:

  1. Ability to manage multiple locks in a single app instance (e.g. you want to set all locks user 4 or delete all locks user 4 simultaneously to keep them in sync)
  2. Added dynamic pages to make the user code option only appear when there is an add/update operation in effect

I’m new to smart things and home automation. I wanted to give a heart felt “thank you” for this.

My live in girlfriend has a autistic son whom likes to wander. Automated door locks keep him safe inside. The ability to add / delete / change codes remotely gives the ability to provide access to therapists and trusted family members.

I could go on and on about peace of mind but I’ll just go with “thanks” again…I appreciate your sharing.

Does a SmartApp like this exist for Yale locks?

This should work for any lock that uses the Z-Wave Lock device type

I’m using it with Yale Security YRL-220-ZW-619 & its working very well

I just got it working (although I can’t test until I’m on site). I know this is a dev forum, and these SmartApps are rough, but I was thinking there would be more user management feature such as this dashboard from Nexia. Am I missing something?

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Which code are you using. I love the interface and being able to setup different codes for each user. I have tried all the door codes and none seem to look this way from your screen shot

This looks like the next project for me!

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