[OBSOLETE] Keenect V1.2.0, optional separate vo settings for cooling, vent obstruction auto clear

From market place install keenect only. After it is installed it will show up in my home smartapps
By install, we mean open it up from the market place, after adding your thermostat and temp sensor, click done. It will then be in your stuff…


I hate Lowe’s, but sometimes they have the best deal. So those sensors work with ST?

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Yea, they’re a big hit In these parts, just make sure you get the ones in the purple boxes, the older ones in the blister packs do not work.

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@Mike_Maxwell Great Job on this… I’ve been on the beta, so I already know the benefits of this app. I have a quick question though. If we link to your Github repository, then will the app get automatically updated whenever you have a new version? No need to copy paste code anymore for each update?

It will update if you tell the IDE to using the update from repo action, but yes no more cuttie pastie…

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F[quote=“Mike_Maxwell, post:26, topic:39119, full:true”]

It will update if you tell the IDE to using the update from repo action, but yes no more cuttie pastie…

Great app, now if only Keen will start making sizes that fit my home :unamused:

Mike, just an FYI, not everyone has GitHub integration, it is broken in ST and support has no date for a fix. Been this way since mid December, so for those unlucky ones a description of the manual install process would be great.

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Would you mind sharing how you modified the code to do this for the less technically inclined around here? I tried, but it did not work for me.


@Mike_Maxwell @SBDOBRESCU @keltymd thanks for making this app

I know you spent a lot of time developing this app and its a big help in moving the vents over to ST and getting rid of the Keen Hub (one less IoT device that’s connected to its own cloud to be worried about…). I have been using your app since beta and am looking forward to the next one :wink: .

Ordered a few more vents for our upstairs rooms yesterday… If anyone has the referral links the codes works with 3 or more vent purchases to drop the price down further…


Good idea, I’ve added that to the destructions.


@BatraD, I didn’t ‘make’ anything, I just kept breaking @Mike_Maxwell’s work. :smile: I am glad he kept on putting barriers in place to prevent me from breaking it further. If anyone has vents, this is the ultimate control app. @Mike_Maxwell did an awesome job, which I am happy he shared it with all of us.


I couldnt have said it better. Me and my hammer kept trying to break his steel ball of an app and I couldnt for once


Is anyone else getting the Red Obstruction message on the device itself? I only have 2 vents and it has happened to each vent once the first day. Worst part is it seems like it will not auto recover, but you need to power cycle the vents to repair? Is this due to poor Zigbee reception? I am in the process of trying to put a Hue A19 White bulb directly connected to ST as a Zigbee repeater in the utility room downstairs to hopefully fix the issue.

Also as far as cost, you have to realize that you should not be doing every room in your house, but just specifically trying to solve an out of balance situation. If fact, it might even work to simply put one vent in a room with two vents, which could cut the airflow to that room in half, but not completely off. in my house the main issue is temperature differences between floors, due to a huge open foyer (nice giant air duct). This lets all the hot air rise in the winter and cold air fall downstairs in the summer. My main need was to not heat the basement unless I am down there, and make sure to not over cool it in the summer. The Ecobee3 itself, has solved a lot of this issue, by specifically having the desired temperature setpoint follow you, thereby eliminating almost all the over heating or cooling where I am located. At this point, I am not even sure I need anymore than the two vents I purchased but I am evaluating now that I have them installed. What I guess I should be looking for in the winter is excessive heat that I have wasted in areas I am not in to reduce, which should save energy. I think the benefit to cost ratio is pretty darn good, especially if you can pick up in the $60 range.

[quote=“Cherokee180c, post:33, topic:39119, full:true”]
Is anyone else getting the Red Obstruction message on the device itself? I only have 2 vents and it has happened to each vent once the first day. Worst part is it seems like it will not auto recover[/quote]
There’s some recent posts in the main Keen vent thread about this, including a link to an updated device type, that one user said fixed his issues in this regard.

Thanks Mike I will try that soon. I actually am trying Yves driver as I didn’t see the need for temperature or pressure readings in less than 5 minute intervals, but for some reason I could never get to the configure screen.

Anybody else getting an error when trying to add a zone?

check your email, I patched this like 20 minutes ago.

As a further note, if your system is heat only, make sure you select this on the initial install, the default is AC enabled.
Also, if it is AC enabled you will need to set a cooling set point, I know it’s the middle of the winter, but you need to set it anyway.

Hey Mike, just a couple of questions:

  1. Should the vents be oscillating open and closed when they start approaching the setpoint. Eg slowing down heating in room as it approaches or shutting closed if they overshoot?
  2. Can you think of any reason I would have one vent opening fine to 100% but the other vent in the same zone showing a 100% level, followed immediately by a 2% level? I am thinking it might be communication drop as I have the vents to shut off on stop? It doesn’t seem to recover though, and maybe I just didn’t wait long enough. I also have not gone back to the driver code you posted above yet. But the one doing the drop back to 2% is farther from the hub.

Also I installed a hue bulb hooked up ZHA direct to ST in the utility closet downstairs as a repeater, but not sure how to force vents to hook to that instead of directly to hub.

Rule machine works great with a Home Theater Occupied virtual switch and your zone lockout code.

No the app won’t do that, nor have I seen it do that.
When the set point is reached, they are set to minimum opening
When it’s not reached, they are set to maximum opening

The app doesn’t control the vents ability to respond to commands, we aren’t turning communications on and off, we are only setting the opening.
I’m not sure what you mean by 100% followed by 2%, you would have to show me the log output.
This does sound like a mesh issue, do the vents work consistently when you change their levels using the vent device tile?

I can’t give you any advice on repeaters, there’s a FAQ some where that @JDRoberts put together on it though.

Make sure you dont have any other apps doing anything with the vents or it will cause this behavior. Ask me how I know :slight_smile:

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Open / Close control is fine for what I need.

I am thinking that the vent may be trying to open too much and then it defaults back to close as I have the maximum opening setting to 100%. Your application report is showing the vents currently at 95 to 96%. Take a look at a picture from the device especially looking at 4:36 PM. The stuff at 4:38 PM is actually me manually opening the vent from the device. I am going to try to set the maximum opening to 95% and see if that fixes it.