[OBSOLETE] I created a Lutron HomeWorks integration

No hardware or much of any setup necessary. Just enter your processor hostname/ipaddress and go. The integration auto-populates your devices.

It uses the built-in web server, which means it only displays keypads and not individual devices. I have access to my Lutron programming, so I created a special keypad with buttons appropriate for smartthings, as my other keypads have a lot of duplicate and cryptic buttons.

I doubt many Lutron HomeWorks owners are interested in SmartThings, but if you are give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Also you’ll need to add the device handler from here:


What HomeWorks system are you integrating with? Interactive? Illuminations?

If this was for HomeWorks QS, we should be able to cross this over to RadioRA2, which would greatly expand this app’s usability. Lots of RadioRA2 installations over HW.

My system is Illumination, but I saw a web interface for QS that looked identical, so I assume it acted identically under the covers, and it would work with this integration. But I can’t dig up where I found that info on QS. Does RadioRA2 have a web application on the processor exposed on the LAN?

You’re way outside my knowledge base. I was a Lutron Rep, but never dove into the firmware side. I do know there are phone applications, but nothing native on a computer. Most of their communications on 3rd party are telnet, however, if that helps. Might try your smart app, but Illuminations used a different internal language than RadioRA2. They did share the original Home Control + app.

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this – I just got my HomeWorks Illumination linked up to SmartThings and my keypads are all showing up. Next challenge is my Grafik Eye 3500’s, don’t suppose you have a handler for those too? :slight_smile:

@crazyjncsu I’m not really familiar with HWQS, but is this easily adaptable for RA2?

Ive been running ST for a little while and would like to intergrate my lutron homeworks grafix eye into smartthings…
do you have a tutorial on how to accomplish this ?

ive loaded your device handlers :slight_smile:

many thanks


I will give it a try as i have RA2 repeter and RA2 switches

Hello @crazyjncsu. Trying to set this up for my RadioRa2 system. Do I need to just change the ip address to my Smart hub’s IP address or to the actual IP of the main brain unit.

You ever get this to work?

Not sure if this is possible with smartThings but I’m trying to find a way to control my ancient Lutron homeworks (illumination) with Google home. I thought this might be a way to get there but I can’t seem to get this code to work with my system. I’m a smartThings noob so not sure if this is a dead end or worth pursuing?

I have a Homeworks 4 series/Illumination for lights and shades. The system is not working, probably because the program was lost. The company worked on this already out of business. Is it possible use the code above to get my system reprogrammed? What information I can read to have a better idea about the Lutron Homeworks system and programming? (I am a software engineering and hope this is doable myself. With help and direction, I may be able modify the code if needed). Thanks in adance for your help!

The code above won’t get your Lutron system working, but it is definitely worth the effort to do so. You should be able to find a copy of the Lutron programming software online

Not a dead end. Definitely worth pursuing.