[OBSOLETE] “Home on Code Unlock Too"

Thank you @storageanarchy. This works great.

Are you open to requests for additional features? I am transitioning to ST from a Nexia setup with about ten Schlage Z-Wave deadbolts & lever locks and I haven’t yet seen a way to reproduce the push messages to notify of a disabled lock (four bad pin-code attempts), or low battery alerts. Any thoughts, or links to other elusive apps that already provide this?

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ST does it’s own battery reporting

Also you can add this batter checker that will report on the 1st and 15th of the month as well as installation

I would second the request for notification of repeated failed attempts and also throw in code scheduling. ie. code 5 only works M-F 3p-4pm and will tell me if anyone tries to use it outside that window.

Great suggestions, but not all are possible or feasible

  1. Battery reporting would be redundant with the ST implementation, but I do think perhaps an (optional) Notification when the power gets to critical (<5%) because very soon after that the lock will stop working.

  2. As for repeated failed attempts, this one is tricky - I’m not sure that the ST device passes any notification along of failed attempts, but it might - for those locks that actually report this (not all do)

  3. Scheduling is a massive undertaking, but the real issue is that the lock will open on its own, and only reports which code was used AFTER the lock opens. Thus, the only way to implement this is to add and remove the code from the lock on a schedule - again, not something that works with all locks. I think I have to put this into the Not Possible category.

  4. As for a “monitor only” mode, I will probably tackle this one soon. But until there, there is a work-around: simply create a Hello Home action that doesn’t do anything, and configure that one for the I’m Back and Goodbye! actions in the app.

Please - keep the ideas and suggestions coming…I hope to have an update before the end of 2014.


regarding #3. I heard nexia allows for scheduling with the lock I have - schlage camelot. Perhaps Kyle can shed some light on if that is true and how it happens.

Yea - my bad…it is definitely possible, but I don’t think it is currently feasible within ST to enable/disable a specific code. I’m happy to be proven wrong, however.

If it IS possible, then it’s the complexity of a scheduling app that gets in the way - ST is designed around events more than schedules - while there is a basic schedule() function, there’s no central scheduling app designed to support free-form scheduling. Worse, a single SmartApp is limited to 4 pending timed events - again, not a show stopper, just makes it more difficult to implement a generalized scheduler that can manage multiple events for multiple devices.

So, not IMpossible, but more than I’m willing to bite off at the moment.

Just thinking out loud here. In Rboy’s app he is able to add/remove/edit codes. Perhaps it would be possible to schedule an app to add and then remove the code based on schedule. And then just run multiple instances of the app to meet your personal scheduling needs for multiple codes. Didn’t meant to derail at all and I appreciate “Home on Code Unlock Too”! Thanks Barry! Here is Rboy’s app

I am very green when it comes to working with custom smartapps, however, I had added others successfully and this one errors out.

The error is as follows:
startup failed: script1419286302528829093313.groovy: 140: expecting anything but ‘’\n’’; got it anyway @ line 140, column 166. ltiple: false, required: false ^ 1 error

Any ideas?

Sorry about that: Typo - get it again from my Github and you should be all set.

Note that the code setting feature isn’t complete and/or doesn’t work for all lock types. It shouldn’t hurt anything, though…

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
script14193437263251437077847.groovy: 346: expecting ‘}’, found ‘’ @ line 346, column 2.

Another typo?

OK, more than a typo…I was maintaining 2 versions and screwed this one up. Github version is now up to date, and tested/verified (as best I can - my Schlage isn’t letting ST set Lock Codes).

Hmm…I just installed the app (first I did an update of the existing code I had, then I uninstalled and reinstalled). I’m getting the following error in the live log…

  • 979fb1af-3c5b-4bd4-9196-7446ea9f4624 2:28:26 PM EST: error
    groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: newCode for
    class: script1419362694310718385188 @ line 174
  • 979fb1af-3c5b-4bd4-9196-7446ea9f4624 2:28:26 PM EST: info Resetting
    user codes for Kwikset- Garage Inside Door
  • 979fb1af-3c5b-4bd4-9196-7446ea9f4624 2:28:26 PM EST: trace lock from
    Kwikset- Garage Inside Door was provided with doorHandler…creating

If you need anything else from me or want me to test something, I’m happy to oblige! :smile:

My bad again…forgot to save the latest edit into my Github store…all set for SURE now (famous last words, I know)…


Yep, that worked! Thanks!!! This will be a big help. I had the older version installed prior to you adding the code programming capabilities.

Two questions/notes:

  • I noticed in the activity log that the SmartApp sent the commands twice to the lock. Is that normal? Just wanted to let you know. It cycled through the three I set and then cycled through them again.

  • Is there any way to have more than one lock be part of the SmartApp? I have two doors that I want to have the exact same codes. I noticed that the lock selection is a radio button, not a checkbox.

On another note - did you submit this to ST for inclusion? This is a GREAT app that should be part of the core of ST.

Again, thanks for the hard work on this!

I did submit to ST, but no response from them yet.

What type of lock do you have? I’m surprised that it went through them twice - I will look into it.

As for multiple locks - yes, it’s possible, just as soon as I get the time to work on it…

I have two Kwikset 912 locks.

If you think anything armor the logs would be helpful, let me know and I would be happy to supply them.

@storageanarchy did you publish this on the ST User Apps sections? If so what name have you used?

Quick question - at the bottom of the first page of the setup there is an option “Set for specific mode(s)”. Does that mean this app WILL NOT run while in these modes or it WILL run in these modes? I do not want the app to run while in a certain mode, so I want to make sure I have it set properly.

I had removed it while working on programming the actual codes, so as not to propogate non-working code. Best to get it from my github account anyway…

This is the same for all SmartApps that use this feature - you select which modes the SmartApp WILL run in. I don’t even think I get to change the question, so it should be consisted.

Note that if you set it to only run in HOME mode, and you want it to actually change the mode from AWAY to HOME, it won’t work. The app actually doesn’t get run at all in any of the modes that you don’t select.

Really thankful for your work Barry! But I’ve installed the app on my Schlage touchpad and I can’t get it working. Once installed none of the codes work on my lock so I’m stuck. Anyone else have this same issue?

I’ve tried uninstalling, clearing all the codes manually on the lock, and reinstalling, etc. Still no dice. Any suggestions?