[OBSOLETE] - Hive (Connect) V3.2c (British Gas Hive)

no LUX but it returns motion, temperature, battery levels and signal strength (using old APIs or direct zigbee connection, not tested with new APIs).

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Hi guys could any of you help with piston I’m trying to setup in WebCore?
Basically I have my schedule set to turn the heating on at 6am which is normally fine.
But if it’s a freezing morning like today I want it to do a 30 min boost before at 5.30am.
I’ve set the IFS ok I think but not sure what to do to turn the boost on for 30mins , I’ve selected setboost but I don’t get a option for the time but I saw a"integrar parameter" and put 30 in there but I don’t think that’s the right way.
Anyone got any tips

Have noticed when using a customised boost for either heating or hot water it sometimes (not always) forgets to turn off the virtual switch.

So you’ve assigned a simulated switch to the boost?
I normally just open the app and press it…

I am having issues with boost working from WebCoRE. I have tried the following and nothing works.

I see the commands being passed to Hive, but boost is not triggered.

yep, because I’ve linked it to google home.
so I can say boost hot water and for a customised length too which Hive only seems to default to 1 hour or 30 minutes…nothing in between.

a temp fix is I can add a power allowance condition of the set amount of boost time to make sure that it turns off the switch ready for the next time to turn on.

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I’ve just looked through the device handler and it seems the boost is activated by the “emergency heat” action so I’m going to try that not sure if that starts it at the default boost time or I need to set it beforehand.

Thanks very much. That worked. It does a boost for 30 mins. I don’t see an option to pass any parameters to change the time.

Great I’ll change mine to that.
I think it boosts to whatever value the boost is currently set at.
But I did notice a part in the device handler for setting the default boost length it was on 10 mins I changed mine to 30.
I think it was for the boost length anyway lol

you can also change the timing of the boost in the hive thermostat hot water, in the dashboard


hi thisisdavidbell, I intend to pick up a smartthings hub this weekend and am looking to implement the exact setup as yourself, Hive voice commands using Google Home. Can you advise based on your experience the steps required to get this working.

thank you

Ok, the piece of information i was missing was that i needed a developer account in order to create my app and device handler, seems obvious… when you know. Just need to suss out how to use simulated switches. Then maybe i’ll start a laymen thread for people like me lol

Sorry for slow reply. Ill assume you already have connected smart things and Google Home so all your smartthings things appear in devices in the Google Home app.
At graph.api.smartthings.com create a new device, of type simulated switch. Then having followed the instructions in this thread to install the hive code and add your thermostat, in the smartthings app select automation and then smartapps, select the hive app and add a new hive mode automation. Set the trigger to be the simulated switch you just created. Then under ‘set thermostat to this mode’ select boost. Now when you ask Google to turn on the simulated switch, the hive automation will now trigger the boost. The duration of the boost is whatever you set the time to be for the thermostat when you look at it in smartthings app. The temperature is set in the settings for the thermostat in the smartthings app.
Very cool.
Hope that helps. Ask if not.

I just wish I could work out why the temperature is never reported by Google Home when the thermostat is not heating.

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Hi thisisdavidbell, awesome, your timing was impeccable. I’ve followed your instructions and set up a couple of switches, Hive Boost for controlling the boost function and Hive, for switching the thermostat on or off. Asking Google Home 'What is the temperature on Hive?" gets it to tell me what the current temp is and what its aiming for.

Thanks to Alyc100 for the Hive Connect app and Devices. I was left very disappointed to learn Hive Thermostat wasn’t ‘compatible’ with Google Home and your work has helped me reconcile that shortcoming

Still wrapping my head around this so forgive me this is a stupid question, but for the Active Colour bulbs is the SmartApp actually needed or just the DH? And if the latter, will that work directly with ST without the hub?

yeah the bulbs work direct with smarthtings also so no need for the hive hub.
you can use the device handler listed above but i had more success by using ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb
just noticed yours are coloured bulbs mine weren’t but theres a similar handler as well as the one above

Glad it helped wezi.
Do you get that message even when the boiler isn’t heating? I only use schedule mode and boost. Whenever the heating is off, ie not actually turned on from the schedule and isn’t being boosted, Google Home tells me there was an error.

No, current temperature and target temperature are only reported when the heating is active, if asked, “whats the thermostats temperature” etc. Im currently exploring Web CoRE to see if theres a piston which will do the trick, i.e. report the tempera at all times. On a side note, i can only see simulated switches in google home, if i create a simulated button this wont show, anyone have any idea why?

Ok, to answer my question
"Google Home already has control over switches and dimmers within the SmartThings environment; however, it cannot natively control other SmartThings devices such as locks, speakers or thermostats. In addition, there is no way easy way to trigger SmartThings modes, routines or security states using Google Home."

Just a quick one…

I can ask Google home

‘what is the temperature in this room’

The reply will be the room temp them what the hive heating is set at… even when there is no demand from the thermostat