[OBSOLETE] Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 (v1 & v2) & RSM2-Plus —Smart Dual Relay Switch Module

Hi I installed 3 ZWN-RSM2 switches, using Erick code, they seems to work. The only issue is that they work some times and some times does not. I thought could be a problem with the range distance even they are apart from the ST2 hub no more than 20 feet, separated by a wall. Then I installed another one in the middle trying to improve the mesh, however it does not improve, some times work, some times does not. I have another GE single switches and work all the times even with further distance from the hub. Any Idea why this is happening? how can I get the ZWN-RSM2 work all the times?. Thanks in advance

What’s the issue with the ZWN-RSM2? Do they work all the time in manual and not with the ST app some time? Are these relays installed in metal gangboxes? Is this a status problem? Did you change the parameters for the physical switch status update yet? I have 4 of these relay modules and they are flawless with his code.

Can you describe what you mean when you say they don’t work?

thanks for your response. I can set the lights on and off, both manually from the switch and using the app with your code, however the app does not get the lights on and off always. It does some times only.

There are occasions that I need to push the off or on button several times in order for the lights to respond.

I have others GE Smart Switches in my set up, however they do On and Off the lights with no issue always.

You are right, all the time in manual, and sometimes with the ST App, they are in metal gang boxes, status as well is an issue,

I have not change the parameters, I am using the last code from Eric that change the parameters automatically.

Refer to this post and go down to around post #118. You will find the step for changing the parameters.

As for losing connection because of metal gangbox. You can try sticking the little antenna out of the metal box.

I just tried sticking the antenna out of the metal on some of the devices , and now is doing better. Let me do several attempts and I will come back with the results. There are some of my devices with the Antenna Inside and others outside now.

Forgot to mention to do a z-wave repair as well.

Hi @erocm1231 thanks again for sharing this with me on another thread. After testing it, here are a few issues that I noticed. However, you are the only game in town that auto-refreshes the ST app w/o having to poll or refresh.

  1. Amazon Echo turns both switches on but I can easily just point to the first switch in the code and comment out the second call. Echo always runs the on() and off() functions from my experience.
  2. This installs a single device for two switches. Making it impossible for me to do any automation (SmartLights or Rule Machine) with the second switch.
  3. The default device that ST uses (and that I’ve been using for a while, which does not report the status to children) has source available from ST via “create from template”. This begs the question of what your secret is for accurately reporting switch state and whether the default ST device code can be hacked up to be as respectful since it has one thing that I feel is needed which is creating/having child devices to make any automation possible.
  4. If you’re aware of any other device/smartapp that will help in automating that SECOND switch, I’m all ears. I wish there was some way to “subscribe” to a Device function call like your on2() or off2() which would make this super-easy. There may be a way with SmartApps to do so but I’m way more experienced with Device Handlers.

Thanks again, awesome device implementation and worked just like you said when I manually flip the physical switch… ST was QUICK to update the tile.

You essentially need to create two virtual switches and use an app to sync the virtual switches with the physical switches. Use the “Simulated Switch” device type with the app in this thread:

This lets you use the two virtual switches in automations and with things like the Echo to have individual control.

Let me know if you have any questions.

You are DA MAN! I will so be trying that out and it opens up a whole new world for me. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I’ll give it a go and report any problems (or success) :slight_smile:

If I only read your first post completely, heh? :slight_smile:

I can’t believe what you’ve accomplished for me and let me know how much more I have to learn with my rinky-dink HTML parsing device handler for Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

ZERO issues, everything works as expected. Created two virtual devices, let the smartapp point the physical to the two virtuals and voila. Everything works: auto-update of switch status, rule machine/smart lighting, Echo…

The only thing I don’t understand or see any behavior with are the ON/OFF buttons on the right. They don’t seem to do anything. I’m guessing that it’s for other subscribers to be notified.

Thank you very much!!!

Eric, so does this work for the Monoprice 11990 Dual Relay Module as well? You mention it in the virtual switch device handlers only so I assume not?

I think the best device handler for the Monoprice is here:

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I was about to use the same one I have for the Enerwave’s, got the Monoprice’s coming real soon, glad I saw this, and thanks again Eric for all the work you’ve done on these relay DHT’s, they have been rock solid with your handler!

For some reason I keep getting code errors when trying to add the handler.
Has this project been dropped? Does the Enerwave not work?

Are you adding as DHT or SmartApp? Verify you’re doing the right one. The code and devices still work great.

I’m trying to add as a device handler. I was able to get enerwaves version to compile and publish, but I cannot get Eric’s version to compile. Even with everwaves, it’s published but I don’t know how to tie things together in the app.
Any ideas?

Make sure you are using the raw view in GitHub so you don’t accidentally cut/paste anything extra. Then the second bit of code in the first post is a smart app that will create and sync virtual switches appropriately. You don’t want to use that original Enerwave code, it’s very limited.

Any chance you might give me the step by step?

I was able to get the raw version which worked. Ibwas able to publish it.

The enerwave is on the network as its base config (showing only one switch).

I will go back and add the smartapp.

Then what do i do?