[OBSOLETE] Door Open Chime or Voice? (2015)

Hi, I am new and just starting to look into a smart home system. Is there something on the system that would give a chime or say “back door open” without having to find my phone. I turn phone notifications off when I sleep or charge in a different room but need security during the night.

You can do this with LANdroid if you have a speaker you can hook up an Android to (I do this on my Kindle Fire HD10 tablet hooked to my Amazon Echo)


Options I am aware of:

  1. Sonos
  2. Cheap Android Tablet and Android Speech: Android as a Speech/Alarm Device released! And Updated!
  3. Hopeful - Aeon Doorbell - Aeon Doorbell Type Beta

Sonos is expensive if all you are using it for is announcements, plus I have heard it can be slow to load the MP3s, I don’t have first hand experience with this.

I like the android option, but it is complex and with complexity I expect upkeep and failures.

I have the Aeon Doorbell, but I am not a coder so I am waiting on the charity of the devs to create a device type that can call upon arbitrary sounds loaded on it so it can be queued to tie those sounds to arbitrary events.

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FYI there is an update to the Aeon Doorbell and I have chimes and custom announcements now working.

Still could use some polishing.

Can u utilize the speaker for other announcements around the house? Like door and window openings? Or does it work strictly with the doorbell button?

Yes, you can use it to make arbitrary announcements.

Read the Aeon thread. It’s all in there.

Can you link me… I seen a few threads but didn’t see mention of using it as a door announcer.

See my post above about the Aeon Doorbell where there is a link for the same. Follow that link, read that thread.