[OBSOLETE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing

Sorry I’ve been quiet, it’s been real busy. I’ll try help you out if there are still any issues.

I have Blue Iris 5 since it came out and BI Fusion has been working flawlessly with it. So it can work. The most common issues are things like upper/lower case letters and small typos that @cmderden had, glad you found it! Gets me all the time too, too many hours lost chasing my own error…

Also, I’m going to start working on making this all work in the new app. For now though, setup and preference changes must be done in the classic app.

@FierceFish and @SmartAdamThing can you PM debug logs? I’m not sure what is going on. Include screenshots of your setup screens. Best guess right now is something got messed up during setup. You need to setup the server settings first, click ‘done’ to save all the settings, then setup the cameras and click ‘done’ all the way out to save them, then you should be able to setup other things. It looks like your Cam5 is maybe named something different or got stuck in setup.

@Levanterman The thread being old just means it has worked for a long time! It still very much works and has been stable. Let me know if you run into any issues. Most setup problems have likely been answered in the thread or on the setup page.

@BBoy486 Yes, the instructions still show Blue Iris 4 screenshots, I’ll update the instructions with your screenshots, thanks. You shouldn’t have to change anything in your BI Fusion setup though, the changes are only in the new look of Blue Iris setup pages. Try deselecting “Extern” on the first screenshot you have. That creates a loop of camera triggering, and shouldn’t have been checked before. That may be the issue. I don’t think pasting the URL in a browser should do anything. Definitely nothing will happen on your screen, but it may trigger the active/inactive status in the SmartThings camera device. If deselecting External and double-checking your syntax in all your settings doesn’t solve it, please PM me your logs with debug logging turned on so we can follow it more closely.

@Jeff_Black Yep it works just fine with Blue Iris 5. It doesn’t work correctly within the new SmartThings app yet. BI fusion smartapp settings and the Server Device don’t display correctly, but everything is still working as long as you set it up in the first place. I run both SmartThings apps still (I just turned off notifications from the new one, and use the Classic app for everything still). But I’ll work on it. If it’s saying it’s offline in the server status, it could be that it just needs to sync again, so tap that (in the classic app). If it’s getting errors and saying it’s offline when the ST mode changes or something, then likely there is a typo in your server settings with BI Fusion, or something got changed when you set up Blue Iris 5 (unlikely). Double check all your settings, confirm you can still access Blue Iris through it’s app (which’ll mean your Blue Iris settings are likely correct), and let me know.

Alright, I think I got to everyone. If not, let me know.

Thanks. I’ll give it a go. Can you let me know why when I set trigger alerts it doesn’t tell me the individual cameras that are detecting motion?

Not sure exactly what you mean. The BI Fusion Triggers are a method to use ST events (like a door opening, etc.) to trigger BI cameras to record even if they don’t see motion. It’s a way to make sure the cameras don’t miss events. So the notifications from that aren’t telling you which cameras see motion, they tell you what event just happened and which cameras it is triggering to record. I just made a test trigger for my porch camera to record when the beer light turns on (nonsensical but works for the test) and I got this notification:

If you want to get notifications from ST when your cameras detect motion, you’d have to use some kind of alerting app like Super Notifier, or any other app that will send notifications when a motion sensor sees motion. BI Fusion makes each of your cameras a motion sensor within ST. I guess I could add that function to BI Fusion itself, I just assumed most people were already using something for their motion sensors and they’d rather keep everything in the same smartapp for them.

I think I figured that out before you replied and went with webcore. Thanks for clarifying!

Hello all. I am trying to refresh my smartthings up a bit and am unable to remove Blue Iris Fusion. I get error when trying to delete the smartapp online.

This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users. I have checked the app does not show in my smartthings app.

Please advise

Just been here myself! In the IDE you have to go via My Locations. Select location. Towards the bottom see ‘List SmartApps’. Click on this. At the top of the page click on Edit. All the listed SmartApps should now have a red ‘Uninstall’ button. The rest is easy!!

hi, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to see the access token via the IDE - typing it all is a bit naff!

Can someone help my stupidity please ? Ta

anyone ? TIA =)

First, log into the IDE and open up “Live Logging.” Leave that tab open on your computer.

Then go into the SmartThings app, to Smartapps, and open up BI Fusion. Go to “Blue Iris Camera Installation” and scroll down to the 2nd to last option. Turn on “Display URLs in API Logs.” Click “done” and then “save” to exit settings.

Go back to your browser tab with Live Logging. Click on “BI Fusion” or whatever you named the smart app. The URLs will display in the log for that app. All of them go at once and sometimes that overwhelms the log, so some may be missing, but once you have one of the URLs, the only difference is the camera shortname and active/inactive, so you can easily infer what may have been dropped.

If that isn’t working, turning on Debug Logging on the main BI Fusion settings page (under “Advanced”) may help too, but it shouldn’t matter at all. The code isn’t complex for this function.

Lemme know if that doesn’t work.

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Thanks. Worked a treat!

Trying to understand all the nuances of alerts and triggers between Blue Iris, BI Fusion and Sentry - to ST.

My goal - when 2 or more cameras detect a positive confirmed alert from Sentry with in Blue Iris within a certain time period (30 seconds or so) - trigger a ST routine or other rule that will turn on all outside lights.

Does BI Fusion report a trigger/motion pre or post sentry? or is this a setting?



BI Fusion just uses alerts from Blue Iris based on a camera’s triggered state. I haven’t used Sentry, so if it inhibits a camera from being triggered until something else confirms it, then this would work. If not, and the camera still becomes triggered while waiting for Sentry, then the message to BI Fusion would be premature.

Error! Blue Iris Server returned http status code 302, which may indicate an error.

I’m getting this message. I see the ST notifications indicating that a sensor has occurred and triggering the BI cameras to active … but I don’t think there is communication between ST and BI at this point. Any suggestions appreciated.

error message from log:
10:46:03 AM: error error 21: Parsing parseBody() error, body is ‘null’. Error: java.lang.NullPointerException
10:46:03 AM: error error 4: msg.status returned 302

Likely something is wrong with the URL or port for the Blue Iris computer in your BI Fusion settings. The error is that the BI Fusion server can’t talk to Blue Iris, so yes the sensor and trigger on the ST would work normally, it just can’t get the message to Blue Iris to make it trigger the camera.

Is this a new setup or have been using it successfully for a while and are now getting this error?

Double check that you typed those in correctly and that your computer and ST hub are connected and on the same VLAN at least.

If it’s a new setup, shoot me more details on how you are using it and I can help figure it out. (You’re using the server so it must be a local setup, but what you have in the setup fields for IP and port, and make sure you have Blue Iris setup correctly so ST can talk to it).

Thanks @JMZ. I fat fingered the check box the removed the security on BI (it was still checked). Now it is humming along.

Question though. How do I create multiple triggers that activate different cameras? It looks like I can set up one trigger per BI Fusion instance?
Thus, if A|B occur, trigger camera A
if C|D occur, trigger camera B


NM … figured it out … thanks!

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I am getting a notification “BI Fusion is triggering camera: null”

Short names are camera1 and camera2 and are entered that way

I have read trough the forum and my settings seem correct

In your directions you have where you have to turn off secure for blue iris. the problem with that I have a few Raspberry machines that do an autologin for blue iris for monitors throughout the house. With that uncheck they will not autologin, i have to enter my password and login, to Chromium after a nightly reboot. Is there any way to get around that?

There is a methodology to use STunnel that automatically maintains the Certificate and is free using LetsEncrypt:

  1. Install Certbot for windows
  1. Run and configure your cert using Certbot

Remember to:
a. open port 80 on your Windows local firewall so Certbot can verify your Domain
b. forward your firewall traffic for port 80 to the local machine for Certbot
c. forward your firewall traffic for port 8080 (or whatever port you use for BI)

  1. Modify the “Certbot Renew Task” Certbot automatically creates in Windows Scheduler to also copy the certificate to the STunnel config folder

a. Add Action:
Program Script: C:\Windows\System32\xcopy.exe
Add Arguments: /Y “C:\Certbot\live<YOUR CERT NAME>\fullchain.pem” “C:\Program Files (x86)\stunnel\config\blueiris.*”

–> this copies the “fullchain.pem” cert LetsEncrypt creates and auto-updates over to STunnel under the name “blueiris.pem”

b. Add Action:
Program Script: C:\Windows\System32\xcopy.exe
Add Arguments: /Y “C:\Certbot\live<YOUR CERT NAME>\privkey.pem” “C:\Program Files (x86)\stunnel\config”

–> this copies the “privkey.pem” cert LetsEncrypt creates over to STunnel (needed if your private key ever changes)

  1. Copy the private key from the Certbot live file over to the STunnel configuration folder


  1. Add the Blue Iris entry to the STunnel Config

accept = 8080
connect = 81
cert = blueiris.pem
key = privkey.pem
TIMEOUTclose = 0

NOW your certificates are free and auto-updating …

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Curious after seeing the Echo Speaks blast today that it will be gone soon…what is the future of Fusion? Is it going away or will it be integrated under the new API structure?