[OBSOLETE] BI Fusion v3.0 - Adds: Blue Iris Device Type Handler, Blue Iris Camera DTH, Motion Sensing

On the configure web alert in BI, I am stumped what to enter for the “active” and “inactive” links? Can you help?

If you haven’t looked at it, steps 5-6-7 in the initial post describe how to do this. When you’re in the BI Fusion settings in the app, on the •Blus Iris Camera Installation” page at the bottom there is a place to tap view motion alert URLs. If it’s your first setup, you’ll need to select “do you want to (re)create the motion URLs” so that they generate first, then after you’ve viewed them be sure to turn that off again or they’ll change every time you open the settings. You can also view them on your computer but logging into the API and opening the live logging page, then go into settings and turn on “display URLs in API logs.” Then you can just copy/paste.

Thank you for that. I did read the instructions, but you explained it in more detail, so I was able to get it working. Thanks for writing the code for this! Very cool!

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sent a couple of beers, much appreciated!

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Thanks for writing this! It wasn’t too hard to set up and is saving me a lot of false positives from tree shadows. :beers:

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First, thanks for all the positive feedback! Makes me glad I can help out fellow home automation folks.

Second, if you haven’t seen the email or thread, SmartThings is apparently removing the Contact Book feature on the app:

While BI Fusion was already able to work without that, I just posted a new version (just for the BI Fusion app itself) that expands your options just a bit. Once Contact Book is gone, you’ll need to go into BI Fusion settings to update your push/SMS options. Unfortunately, if you want a push message it’ll go to everyone tied to your hub (not a very good spouse approval factor option), so I expanded the SMS option to include multiple phone numbers. So you can target your notifications when using SMS, and can send to more than just one number.

You’ll notice the phone entry doesn’t auto-format to the pretty “1 (123) 456-7890” but instead will just be “1234567890.” That is just how it’ll look because I changed the input type to a string so you can enter multiple numbers. If you want more than one, it’ll look like “12345678900;12345678909;12345678990”

Let me know if you have any issues.

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@JMZ if you add the below code to your Camera device handler, the device will show up in the new app as a motion sensor.

mnmn: “SmartThings”, vid: “generic-motion-3”

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Thanks! Can you point me to any docs or wikis that have info like this in them? Then I can make sure the few other apps I maintain stay up to to date for new app users (I’m in the classic app for now). If not, where do I put this code? Is it in with the rest of the basic info at the start (repository, author, etc)?

Nope. Just reverse engineering some updates they’ve been making to device handlers on their public GitHub.

I read through a good portion of this and I am curious on how this helped with false alerts from tree shadows?

I turned off Blue Iris’s video-based motion detection (well, I masked out the large areas where tree shadows gave me trouble) and set up external triggering based on a PIR motion sensor instead. Since the trees swinging in the wind don’t rapidly change temperatures of the ground / walls, the PIR sensor doesn’t see any motion and doesn’t trigger.

The PIR did still take some adjustment so that it didn’t get triggered by far away, hot car engines, but that wasn’t difficult.

@JMZ, long time ST user, first time with BI Fusion (which rocks btw!)

In the installation instructions in the original post, step 7 talks about setting up Motion Alerts in Blue Iris. When you get to the Alerts tab in Camera Properties, instruction #7 in the original post says to check the “Request from a web service” box. However, the latest version of BI, there is no such Action. Below is what I see. What do you suggest?


It looks like you have it right. I forgot I need to update the screenshots, but what you have selected in the image should be right. You’ll be “posting to a web address” for BI Fusion. They recently (well not so recent anymore) added the MQTT server capability, I didn’t even notice how they changed the alerts tab. Lemme know if it doesn’t work for you. A little interpretation may be required if the layout is a lot different, but the steps should outline the same outcome. Thanks for letting me know!

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I have the same issue. Tried everything I could think of. Because I can’t save anything, I can’t remove any of the devices (cameras / server) to delete the app.
Did you manage to get out of this? I notice there are other members who also experienced this, but I can’t find any suggestions of how to resolve this.
Anyone else have a suggestion please?
Edit: I found the issue. The Alexa integration was preventing the app from being uninstalled. After uninstalling and re-installing the app, I managed to configure it.

Regarding the Smartthings Mode integration - previously (in the old app) I used a BI profile in more than one of the Smartthings modes. It says in the setup instructions that a BI profile may only be used once. (Never noticed a similar warning in the old version of the app) Is this still true? If so, that is an issue for me because I have 7 ST modes but only 4 BI profiles (and from what I remember, it is quite a tedious business setting up a profile in BI, as one has to go to each of the cameras to configure the mode.


It was added to the notes because error checking was added sometime since your last update. If you have more than one mode tied to a BI profile, the error checking may or may not think there is an issue. You can keep doing what you’re doing and just turn off notifications for errors if you want. It’ll work fine, it’s just the error checking part. You’re right on adding profiles, but since you’d be making copies of existing profiles you can use the copy paste function in Blue Iris. It still isn’t simple, but saves a lot of work.

I’m glad you figured out your install issue. I saw the first message but didn’t have the minute to reply. It does get sticky when a lot of other smart apps are using he camera devices. Just like physical devices, you have to remove those smart app connections before you can remove the device.

I think that should answer it for you, lemme know if you have any other issues.

Tried to update my fusion and noticed it had been offline. Tried to update but got an error looked at the logs and this is what I see

physicalgraph.exception.ConflictException: Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again @line 475 (doCall)

I removed all cameras and devices except the server which I can’t remove or save.

This is exactly the same error I got. If you have make use of the Alexa skill, make sure you remove any BI Fusion devices from there. It appears that the Alexa skill now automatically add any new device which gets added to the Smartthings mobile app, to it.

Thank you @JMZ, your response is appreciated, as is your time developing the Smartapp and DH.

I removed Alexa, ask Alexa. Was able to reinstall. Still says offline.

error 9: Server Response time was 9.201 seconds, the server is offline

I have a suspicion that there was an issue between Smartthings and Alexa yesterday. At some stage, all Smartthings items were reporting an “offline” status and I was unable to add new devices to Alexa. Maybe the same issue was causing your problem?