Hey guys,

I’m not sure if the AVM productline is even used outside of germany, but maybe someone else needs this in the future.

This Release contains a small Fritz Box Connect SmartApp to handle the connection to the AVM FritzBox and to manage the available outlets. For the SmartApp to work the DECT 200 device handler is required.


How to Use:

  1. Publish the fritz-dect-200-connect DeviceHandler to your IDE.
  2. Add the fritz-box-connect SmartApp to your IDE
  3. Start your Smartthings App
  4. Start the Fritz Connect App
  5. Enter your credentials (to access the Fritz.Box)
  6. All available outlets should be listed
  7. By selecting the outlets and clicking ok they should be added to your device list

How it looks


This App is still a work in progress but for me it is working fine the last few days so i thought i would share it with you guys.

Have a good day.


is working great. many thanks!

Thank you so much for making this available, it works great!

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Hello Marian,
in the Classic app everythings works great. Thanks a lot. In the new connect app i can choose the avm devices, but there is no connection. Is there a chance to use the smartapp in the new smartthing app?

Hi! Did someone manage to connect two fritz!boxes on one hub? I’m living in huge building and my garage is on level -3, have there one fritz!box and dect 200. Would be nice to controll it via smartthings.

Have created user/password, box is internet accessible via https and some custom port…

Any idea?


Hello Marian,
I just bought the smartthings starter kit from Amazon UK and been trying to connect the hub to my Fritzbox 7490. I am located in Luxembourg. THe hub wont blink red and green. I stumbled on your post but I am not sure how to implement your solution. Not sure, for instance, how to “Publish the fritz-dect-200-connect DeviceHandler to your IDE”. Can you guide me? I’d really appreciate.

Hello Marian, is there an update for the current firmware of the Fritz! Box?
Hallo Marian, gibt es ein Update für die aktuelle Firmware der Fritz!Box?

Fritz!Box 7590 DE

Hello Marian,

thanks for your work in creating this great connector. I am a big fan of Frtiz devices and got a lot of Dect smart sockets. Unfortunately I am not able to use your SmartApp, I got an error when I try to save Dect200 devices after discovery in Fritz.Box (Connect) App.

Here is the log. Can you suggest some solution?

I know that I connected it successfully about 6-8 months ago but it stopped working after some time.
I did SmartThings Hub factory reset afterwards and included all my devices again, but this one still does not work, and it is one of the most important SmartApps for me ;(

Unfortunately I have a similar mistake. For help, I would be grateful.

Looks like now it started working fine. Status of the plugs is updated every 5 minutes or more if power consumption changed. Thanks Marian for resolution of the problem :slight_smile:

Hallo Marian,
ich habe einige neue Geräte erhalten und wollte diese in Smartthings integrieren. Jetzt habe ich bei de Geräten eine Mischung alter und neuer Geräte. Die Namen der alten Geräte haben kein update erhalte. Beim speichern des Löschen (siehe bei robertkucharz) wie auch beim hinzufügen erhalte ich Fehlermeldungen(siehe bei renehartman). Was kann ich tun, damit ich meine DECT200 wieder nutzen kann.
Vielen Dank im voraus.

Good day!

Is there an other possibility for the integration of Fritz!Dect smart plugs?
Until yesterday evnerything workes fine… :wink: