[OBSOLETE] Ask Alexa 2.3.9 (2018)

Send me a PM with a screenshot of your live logging when performing these commands and we can figure out what is happening. If you get truncated information, please ensure you open that ticket to SmartThings so you can get valid data.

I did send it to you in the PM.

As mentioned in your PM, there is a larger issue here…you should have a number of log entries between your begin command and the response. Seems your SmartThings environment may be timing out. Let me know what they (SmartThings) says.

I don’t expect a quick answer to this. I might have to call them in a few days.

Also, quite honestly, I would check the functionality each day…things like this have a mysterious way of suddenly working from one day to a next.

Sent a PM with updated test with old Lambada code.

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I just published version 2.3.9a to fix a small issue found by @JFS. This has to do with the followup to a device that has a password associated with it. That is the only change and just requires the new code from here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MichaelStruck/SmartThingsPublic/master/smartapps/michaelstruck/ask-alexa.src/ask-alexa.groovy

Or use the Community installer. Or just update from your IDE/GitHub integration.

Thanks to John for the heads up on this.

I’m getting the setup variables line truncated as well Michael… Stuck on setup.

Yeah…that is something with smarthings…you will have to find a way to email that link to yourself so you can get it on the computer. I am working to resolve that piece of it.

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Well thank you for including the page address in the page itself. I just manually typed it in… Yay. :slight_smile:

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That is why I do it :slight_smile:

Open a ticket with support about the truncation…that should NOT be happening

I am betting you are on the east coast…correct? Or more correctly…on the east ST servers.

I’m on the na02 shard…

I’m also getting errors trying to associate an echo device. I’ll PM you.

You will probably have to revert back to the old version…I am convince there is an issue with a certain number of servers that can’t take the large amount of input coming back from Lamba with this version. I may pull it and work with you to see if we can solve this.

I am working with a user right now so stand by.

Sounds good, not critical at all. I just sent over the appropriate log. Let me know if you need anything.


The last 24 hours has been ‘fun’…working with some community members, I found some very obscure errors. Fortunately, I was able to find them. So, here is what we found so far:

  • Due to a formatting error in GitHub, you may see small little "i’ in your code
    These do NOT cause issues, but if you seem them, simply run your Setup Variables again and copy the information from the code produced when you press the button, or simply follow your normal copy/paste process
    Again, these won’t cause problems but it annoyed me :slight_smile:
  • If you are running compound commands and do NOT have an echo associated with your room then you will get an error. This was literally a single “=” in the logic. I have pushed out version 2.3.9b to fix this. Using the Community Installer, or the link to GitHub (Here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MichaelStruck/SmartThingsPublic/master/smartapps/michaelstruck/ask-alexa.src/ask-alexa.groovy) or the IDE/GitHub integration, upgrade your code to 2.3.9b. Thanks to @joelw135 for his patience…I worked with him a couple hours before I was able to trace this back. I appreciate his patience with me…I was sure this was a SmartThings issues as he was having the next issue…
  • The final issue I was not able to fix, but I need YOUR help in doing it. Both @joelw135 and @nathancu saw this…

Notice the truncation tag. This does NOT happen on my system so I have no way to troubleshoot this. I BELIEVE it is an issue with a certain set of servers with SmartThings where the amount of data to display exceeds some sort of buffer and it simply truncates the data. If you see this, I recommend opening a ticket with SmartThings and get feedback to WHY.

If you are running the Setup Variables and are unable to get your link, scroll to the bottom of your mobile device and highlight/copy/paste the information into an e-mail and mail it to yourself. I will continue to investigate, but until SmartThings tells us WHY it is happening we are kind of shooting from the hip. Again, it doesn’t happen to everyone so it is either server or account specific.

Thanks again to the community for bringing these to my attention and working with me while I fix them.

So I wonder is SmartThings reading this…there was one area that I was seeing the truncation and after my post it has gone away…hmmm…maybe coincidence.

Thank you for working on this with me. All working other than the TRUNCATION. I doubt ST with give this any credence. I hope other users with this problem will also report it. Something I did notice, when SmartThings runs into problems I get this screen when logging into IDE. Refresh and I get in.

Yep…got this a couple times in the last 24 hours!

Not sure what happened; i used community installation tool but Ask Alexa along with Alexa Helper dont show under marketplace>my apps or under Smartapps.

I used the tool to install bigtalker 2 app and it showed correctly, just ask alexa and alexa helper aren’t visible under ‘my apps’ First time im using installation tool so maybe i did something wrong?

Installation of install tool using github steps.

  1. Installation of bigtalker2 using install tool.
    Saw bigtalker2 in my apps and finished installation.

  2. Installation of ‘alexa helper’ using install tool.
    Did not see alexa helper anywhere.

  3. Installation of ‘ask alexa’ using install tool.
    Did not see ‘ask alexa’ anywhere.