[OBSOLETE] ABC - Advanced Button Controller

Yeah, this did not help. I am having similar issues with some apps on my IDE not showing up to be installed.

Hi, Sorry its been a while but really busy at work and trying to fit everything in with Chronic Fatigue can give me amounts large downtime.

I’m waiting to see what happens going forward with Groovy and SmartThings before I do anything major but happy to look at supporting small bugs etc.

As for installing, I’ve reinstalled in on my phone using the above method and all works well.

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Hello, I’m fairly new to this, so please bear with me.

I have a Hue dimmer successfully paired with SmartThings. I’ve setup ABC and have assigned a few buttons on said dimmer via ABC, but the button presses don’t do anything. When in the SmartThings app, my dimmer shows as being in Standby and I suspect this is the crux of my issue. Nothing I do seems to do brings the dimmer out of standby. Any ideas?


Have at least 6 Hue dimmers direct to ST. They all show as “Standby”. But do work via ABC regardless. One suggestion is to go to the Dimmer Device screen in the App and press the option menu, top right of screen, then “Settings”. There is one setting called Button Names - I have this enabled, or “True”. I believe this names each button sepatately rather than ON, OFF, Dim+ and Dim-.

I’m obviously doing something wrong, but not sure what. I tried the following today:

  1. removed my dimmer from ST, reset
  2. added dimmer back to ST via the app and device search, its name was reflected as ‘thing’
  3. set the Type to Paul’s ‘Hue Dimmer Switch ZHA’
  4. set the Button Names setting to ‘True’ in the phone app (also tried with setting at ‘False’)
  5. on phone app, via ABC in SmartApps, set button 1 to turn a device ‘on’ with a button press/push for ‘Switches (Turn On)’ and also tried ‘Dimmers (On to Level - Grp 1)’ with a ‘Bright Level’ of 100
    NOTE: I’ve tried controlling both Hue and non-Hue bulbs.

Unfortunately, nothing happens. The dimmer notification light doesn’t even come on reflecting a button press (maybe that doesn’t happen with this setup). The dimmer does show as “connected” in the app now,but based on your reply that may be irrelevant.

Is there further information I could provide that may help with troubleshooting?

@Brooklyn_Sid What brand are the lights that you want to control?

I have made a switch from DTH to Edge drivers for Hue Remote Dimmer and all my lights. There is Edge driver for Hue Dimmer, and I am using Mariano’s Zigbee Lights driver that has functions that completely replace ABC Manager, and more.
This are the links to treads where you can find links to the channels.

You can get something like what you want really easy, for example increase light level by 10%

Best part, is that Edge drivers run local, and all lights are responding instantly

My setup very similar.
However, when I press abutton I do get a greenish led flash in upper left corner of button 1 (the on button “|”) and two flashes for a Hold.

PS On the device screen in the App the “Standby” changes briefly to “Pressed” on pressing any button.

This worked! Thank you so much.

I’m currently messing around with:
Bulbs - Hue, Yeelight and Lifx (I have some Wyze too, but haven’t installed them anywhere yet)
Plugs - wemo
Switches - Hue Dimmer, Lutron for Hue Aurora dimmer
Motion Sensor - Hue

I’m certainly open to suggestions for other brands. There seem to be so many that it’s a bit overwhelming along with a lot of garbage out there.

Couple of questions:

  1. How do I set up a routine where a button press will increase or decrease light level as you have in your example?
  2. In IDE my dimmer shows ‘Cloud’ for the ‘Execution Location’. I assumed it would say ‘Local’ based on your comment regarding Edge drivers running locally. The ‘Type’ also says ‘placeholder’. Did I not install something right?


  1. Placeholder would infer you have yet to tell SmartThings which driver to use for your device.
  2. ABC Controller is currently monitoring the Edge Driver situation to see if there is enough room to provide any additional automation

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@Paul_Sheldon there is an issue with Edge devices, with button names. It is almost impossible to determine which device’s button is selected, because of how device and buttons are named under Edge drivers. See below, all buttons with just number are Edge devices, and those with device names are DTH

Thank you for the info. I shall look to see what info the Edge devices have. Can you confirm the device name of one of your devices and which device driver you are using,

@Paul_Sheldon this are button devices that I am using

Ecosmart Remote Control
SmartThings stock Edge driver

Hue Dimmer Switch

Sengled Dimmer Switch
SmartThings stock Edge driver
This driver expose remote as a dimmer switch, not as a button device, even that it is a button remote. Those buttons are not visible in ABC. It has On, Level Up, Level Down, and Off buttons. If you could add Those Dimmer Switch functions, that would be great.

Ikea Remote Dimmer
SmartThings stock Edge driver

Zooz Double Switch Dimmer
Edge driver created by @krlaframboise. You would need his invite to his channel

Zooz Scene Controller
Still on Groovy DTH.

have you found any solution to new edge driver switches not showing up by name when you try to add automation to them? i readded three ikea switches and one dimmer and i have a lot of “Button 1, button 2” etc now in the list.

i noticed i can change the names of the buttons in the ide but im worried it would break something.

I tried renaming the child buttons for one dimmer and it worked when i used webcore to program a certain action (+15 level). But, ABC doesnt. When i choose the renamed button i get a new button menu where i have to choose which button within the button (1-40). It would seem that ABC isnt recoqnizing that its just ONE button and thinks of it as a switch with multiple buttons.

an option to catch “all button presses” within a device could do the trick (as wecbore does)

Are you doing something that could be accomplished with Routines or Rules instead?

You’ve taken the effort to put your device on an Edge driver, which gives you local processing and futureproofing. Now you’re setting up automations with a Groovy smartapp, which means you’re back to cloud processing and the threat of the Groovy end of life.

Hi I’m looking into the Edge drivers, now I have a few devices to test with. I’ll post an update in the next week or so.


I wish I could localize raising level but there isn’t any function for it AFAIK? I

Ah. Yeah, an incremental level adjustment definitely isn’t currently available in routines unless the driver for the device you’re dimming has that as a custom function that can be called.

It might be possible in rules - @nayelyz posted an example showing mirroring between two devices which is a similar level of complexity. I haven’t started messing around with rules yet to know for sure what’s possible though.

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Hey guys, sorry to bother you, but I’ve been fighting this odd behavior for days now. I’m using HS-WD100+, HS-WD200+, as well as an odd HS-WS100+. All were working fine with a v2 hub, and ABC leveraging muti-tap controls. Now I started losing 1 of my WD and ended up replacing my hub to the Aeotec and starting over. However, can’t seem to figure out how to get passed the change of 8 to 1 button (with behavior or something). I can force the ST app on my iphone to “show” 8 buttons, but they all say the same thing, which is the last I picked. When I go in it has the right name though it’s missing the picture… and ultimately, whatever I configure to do it doesn’t… Anyone know what I’m doing wrong???

With the recent updates in ST and updates to Homeseer device handlers, I don’t need the ABC smartapp anymore. I can do it all with the standard automations (routines)–even changing the LEDs on the 200/300 series switches.

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