[OBSOLETE] ABC - Advanced Button Controller

With Stephan’s permission, I’ve taken over the development of ABC - Advanced Button Controller.

UPDATE - Unfortunately due to the changes in SmartThings this app will no longer work. It’s been a pleasure to help you over the past 2-3 years, maybe I’ll see you in Home Assistant at some point in the future

This Topic will now cover the App from Nov 2019 onwards. The original Topic run by Stephan can be found ([BETA] Advanced Button Controller (ABC))

You can get it here https://github.com/paulsheldon/SmartThings-PS

I’m happy to do some small changes and keep developing the app where possible.

I’ll also update this topic soon to include more information on the app and the latest changes that have been made


Could the ABC cover the Osram/Sylvania Smart+ 74099 4 button switch?

There has been an attempt but it’s not fully working.

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If it sends button numbers with existing device handler then yes it should. If not I would have to create a modified Device Handler.

I’ve ordered one today so I should be able to start testing over the weekend.

Can you send me a link to the Device Handler you are using please

@Paul_Sheldon, Can you modify ABC to works with “Smart Switches” that are actually buttons. For example “Sengled Smart Light Switch” its actually zigbee remote with 4 buttons, however Smartthings adds it as a dimmer switch, and ABC doesn’t show it at all.


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Hi Paul,

When you have time could you please modify it so you can set the dimmer values to ‘0’ ZERO please. At the moment the app will not accept ‘0’ it states that no value has been set.


Hi Mark,

I’ve takena quick look and it should be going to 0, there is a line of code that say if level is less than 0 make it zero.

Which switch are you using with ABC?


Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
I’m using a Devolo switch controlling a CUSTOM Blinds DH.

I did not try before but it seems to accept the zero value but will just not display it. It states ‘Missing’ (see attached) but it does actually dim or in this case close the blinds to the zero value. So not as big an issue for me but would great if this can be fixed at some stage to actually show the zero value as opposed to 'Missing" but I’m not sure if this is connected to your SmartApps or if it is showing this as its getting out from elsewhere.

Thank You!


Thanks for the update, I’ll add it onto GitHub as an issue so it will get tracked.

I have found the line in the code so I’ve just got to work out why it’s doing it




Could you also let me know the model number of you switch and a copy of the DH or link to it please. This will allow m to add the switch info to ABC so you get images when programming the buttons.

Also a copy or link for the custom Blinds DH



Hey Paul

I installed your app and the hue dimmer DTH however the devices are not being controlled when I setup the automation through the app.

I have the lights working through webCoRe but I like the idea of having it controlled by your app better.

I am using the original DTH that use pressed_on etc.

I did try your updates DTH as well but couldn’t get it all to work.

HI Rizlah,

You need to set the DTH to send button numbers to ABC, the DTH https://github.com/paulsheldon which will give you the option in the app setting for the deice to send button numbers.

If you login to the smartthings IDE and look at Live Logging you will see info about what button was pressed in the Mapping file associated to that device

If you have not got the button numbers set you will see lines like

22:40:52: debug Office Dimmer: Button on was pressed

This is incorrect as it should say Button 1 not Button On.

You can always send me a copy of the live log and I’ll take a look for you


thanks I will give this a try

I meant to mention, using the previous DTH that doesn’t match your ABC I do keep getting device drop outs.

Does your DTH fix this. I see a few comments above about it but nothing that I can see states it’s definitely fixed and what fixed it.

I use 5 Hue Dimmers without any problems except the very rare Red Light on press

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Cool. I’m in bed now. I’ve got your updated DTH and app downloaded. I’ll try to switch one of the lights over to yours in the morning and report back.

I did try it before I came to bed and it was turning on but not off so I reverted it back to webCoRe and the old DTH.

Then I realised it wasn’t turning off as I hadn’t set the off action. In my defence I am tired LOL.

Edit - I just swapped one of them to your app and it’s now all working. Hopefully I get no drop outs. Will let you know how it is in the morning.

Thanks for this. Wish I’d found it earlier before I hacked the old DTH to work for me and spent hours trawling the logs to figure out the events to use in webCoRe LOL. Good work

got mine working :slight_smile:

quick question, I have GitHub connected for your SmartApps, however for the DTHs I get an error just saying that the download/update has been skipped due to errors, any ideas on that?

Is it all the DTHs that are being skipped?

yes all DTHs, the SmartApps come down fine but all the DTHs get skipped due to errors

Hi @Paul_Sheldon, just a quick question… Is there any way to copy our controls to make duplicating them easier? I have a room with 3 zooz switches I’m using for scenes and I’d like them to function identically, but it takes about 10 min to set up each switch. Hoping I can just copy the first and change the switch name… I also have about 5 other rooms I’d like to set up very similarly, so being able to duplicate existing setups would really be nice.

Also, another question: ABC registers a hold on my Zooz (Zen27) switches, but I can’t get webcore to see holds, just pushes. Any insight into why that might be?