OAuth Authorize Page

Since there is no official bug/request tracker I thought I would post this here.

I have 116 devices, the Authorize page for oauth is a PITA to use.

Can we get a “select all” button?

I have to open the JS console & do a little JS coding to select everything.

While they are at it, how about a “select all” in the mobile app too?


Completely agree. Just seeting up SmartTiles on a few different devices while wanting to control 100+ items sucks.

“Select All” seems like it should have been the default.


I can’t think of any apps other than dashboards or monitors where you would select more than a handful of devices.

A bit of a warning about installing apps with many involved devices:

  • App execution time is limited to 20 seconds.
  • Event subscription is limited to 250 events per minute.

Once you exceed a certain critical mass, it becomes likely for your app to fail intermittently or permanently.


Yah… I was going to comment that SmartThings probably prefers to not offer a “Select All” function, as a large number of Devices in a SmartApp instance is more likely to put extra load on the Smart Cloud.

Of course, there are quite a few legitimate use cases, and ST’s implementation of of execution and event rate limits is a better answer overall.

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