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Not so much a new app as a change to an existing app adding something

(Doug) #1

Ok so heres the setup, Smarthings hub, smarthings multisensor, Honeywell lyric thermostat. There are Smartapps that will preform each of these functions but I haven’t seen one that does all. Heres what I need, when an array (however many I set 1 or more, of sensors sees an open status turn the heat or cooling on the thermo to off, heres the addition, then turn the fan to on to circulate air, basically when I open the windows I want the heating or cooling to turn off and switch modes to air movement only. Once all are closed turn back to an auto mode for heat/cool and fan. Any ideas?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2

Do a search of the forum fur a smart app called