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Node-Red and Smartthings

Would like to publish out data from my ST to mqtt and integrated into Node-Red.

Is there a beginners guide or set of links that can help me?



@jklondon, my current setup is a bit long winded but I use the stack: Smartthings > IFTTT > Maker > Firebase > Node-red. Either this or HTTP POST directly to the Pi and then mod Firebase from there for persistence…

It doesn’t use MQTT, however, it mimics it somewhat. Check out node-red-firebase-contrib. You can set it to listen out for changes to your Firebase endpoints and then act accordingly.

I’m playing with Mosquitto at the moment so may have more info about MQTT soon.

I won’t go into it further for fear of patronising you, however, am willing to give you a run through if you want.

@shooftie is this one way communication or can Node-red talk to smartthings?

Node-red can talk to Smartthings, yes, again using IFTTT. The Maker channel can accept web requests and therefore you might find it easier to set up complex rules this way; rather than battle with Modes and Routines.

IFTTT is not the only option. RESTful endpoint hosted by your SmartThings API/portal using “Cloud Interface” SmartApp from @MichaelS and used/invoked by Node Red. However, it’s just going to be a URL w/o any security but a nice long token that only fools try to bruit-force (which I’m sure ST filters after X failed attempts) given its length. Having said that, it can be sniffed out from traffic if you don’t encrypt traffic. The next step is to implement OAuth in Cloud Interface and use that within Node Red. Here’s the link to the SmartApp.

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SmartThings <> MQTT <> Node–Red
I do this and it works well
Need to be vigilant for ‘race’ conditions though.
I dont have a guide as such but it’s very straightforward.

@xAPPO what SmartApp, etc. are you using in SmartThings to leverage MQTT?

All the best!

I’m using this.

I have made some minor tweaks to suit my setup better and also to avoid some race conditions, it works pretty well for me.


Thank you!!! I saw that and its popularity just wanted to make sure not to go down a dark alley. Appreciate the response.

New to all of this but I got it working last night on my raspberry pi and Node-RED using mosquitto.
ST<>MQTT<>Node-RED using smartthings-mqtt-bridge via NPM install. I didn’t use Docker like it suggests as i am unfamiliar with it. It’s working great so far. Now my AeonG1 home energy monitor is reporting power readings to my Node-RED ui as well as various lights and switches from ST.
Thank you everyone for all that you do.