Any node-red tutorials?

H, Any tutorials on ST talking to Node-red? I would like it to run locally rather than going out to other services such as IFTTT/Maker. Is this possible?

  • following,… this would be interesting

Never heard of that before. Looks really cool! It has an influxdb node even, I could use this…

If someone develops a SmartApp to talk to it, it would work local. I have my influxdb server local and ST pushes everything I need to it already.

Node RED has nice inbuilt support for MQTT - if you link ST devices via MQTT this is very powerful. The ThingBox SD image for Raspberry PI Includes a MQTT server + Node RED and MySQL and node.js


Thanks @xAPPO
I have a spare Pi. Will download the image and have a play with it.

Hi there. if you don’t mind sharing it would be very useful to understand how you are sending a message to Node-red from Smarthings, and conversely how you are receiving a reply. I would like to use Node Red as an integration between Smarthings and MQTT as this seems to me to be a whole lot easier to manage that building an MQTT bridge as mentioned in a number of posts between Home Assistant and Smarthings.

your assistance is greatly appreciated.

I have just got the MQTT bridge working and intend to use it for bidirectional control of ST stuff. It seems to work fine (even if the npm part of the install is flakey in my locale). I’ve been using node-red for a while but in a very shallow way to control an EVSE for variable rate car charging depending on solar generation. For that it’s great.

Happy to answer questions where I can.