*** No longer supported *** [OBSOLETE] Introducing ScheduleTstatZones: multi zoned heating/cooling solution for your home


Just want to inform my contributors that new version of MyVirtualZone(v2.2) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.*

  • The new version exposes the heatingSetpoint & coolingSetpoint capabilities based on my custom setThermostatSetpoint capability for easier integration with dashboard such as SharpTools & ActionTiles.
  • All you need to do is to copy &paste the new code over the existing one for MyVirtualZone DTH (Device Handler Type) and the corresponding zoning smartapp and save/publish.
  • You’d probably need to refresh the Samsung connect app’s cache in order to see the UI changes. There are some instructions to do so in the release notes.
  • The new UI presentation amongst others adds a custom capability (setZoneSetpoint see image below).

You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

The zoning smartapps (ecobeeSetZoneWithShedulev9.2, ScheduleTstatZonesv9.2, ScheduleRoomTempControlv5.2) are available at my store: