By the way, I understand now why you were talking about ‘you would have to add security to the routines as an option as well’ as I am now seeing how handy that would be there as well :slight_smile: Sorry I’m still new to smartthings so I guess I didn’t really understand the routines which work great for the good morning and good night options I want to do, but not the “I am leaving” option as it doesn’t have a delay option in it.

I actually started the framework to put passwords (optionally) on other items as well…not in the upcoming version. But in a version soon…

Hey @MichaelS I was wondering…

This concerns the follow up commands…

What would it take to be able to choose which macros have follow and which do not?

For example, of the 46 macros I have set up almost all of them I would want follow up commands.

But my “it is time for bed” macro I do not. I just want to say it is time for bed, her response, and then receive a message five minutes later. When she says goodnight, I want her to go to sleep.

Possibly a Boolean switch in the setup process of the macros?

It is a lot more deep than just a switch…the %#% at the end of every statement now is processed by Lambda and it determines (globally) if you get a follow up command or not. So, each macro would need a switch to override that…The more difficult part is that a macro is a ‘child’ app and you would have to pass the variable back from child to master to process it…not impossible as it is done many times within the app; however, it is more difficult than just adding a toggle. And, of course, there are different ways to accomplish this same task.

Weren’t you the one who convinced me to put these follow up commands in? Now you would me to take them out :slight_smile: haha…I will look into this as it does align with the new personalities function that I am putting in…probably would be a good idea to not have them globally on but allow certain macros to be turned off.

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Lol yeah… That was me… Always wanting more!

I didn’t think it would be as simple as a throwing in a switch, nothing ever is. :innocent:

I just thought it would be a good feature to give the choice other than all or nothing.

Thanks for thinking about it.

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I have updated the app to 2.0.8…kinda a big one with the Lambda code being completely revamped for the addition of personalities (coming soon).

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Awesome, thank you :slight_smile: I look forward to that release :slight_smile:

Not that it really matters, but for the use case you have where you DON’T want the secondary choice, is that a voice macro, control macro, or something else?

It’s a control macro.

I was able to add a toggle to macros that overrides the continuation message (except in the case of an error) on a per macro basis.

Will be in the next release.

This only goes for macros at this time…errors, devices, and status are still globally on or off…


That’s awesome!

Quick question and I apologize if this has already been covered here. Is it possible to change the activation name from smart things to something else? If so how, and are there negative ramifications for doing so? Basically our house has a name and my wife would prefer to address commands that way rather than saying smart things.


Yes…you can do this easily…There are two places that need to be changed:

In the developer site: http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Ask_Alexa#Skills_Information

And then within the settings of the main app (under Invocation Name).

That should do it…

Yes, you can. It’s part of the set up. In the lambda setup it’s called the invocation name.

What did you name your house?

Awesome you thought of everything! Thanks! Will do it as soon as I get home!

Janisary. A very unique name I came up with a long time ago when I first tried to do voice command x10, and essentially ever since anything house related uses that name. Looking forward to when Amazon let’s us change to a custom invocation word instead of the 3 they provide. If you are a big Halo person you might recognize the name… Last hint, I love bees…

That’s awesome… Not many unique names… We just went with home for now…

Our next home will be our final home… Just six more years till retirement then we are back to the beach… That one will have a name.

To be clear, you still need to use Alexa, Echo or Amazon…The invocation name is the name of the skill…so the syntax will be:

Alexa, tell Janisary…

Hope that was what you were looking for.

Wow, very cool! I am a long way from retirement sadly :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I know, what you told me was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

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