No activity report?

Is there a way to generate an activity or lack of activity report. I would like to see when a device has not reported anything. I have had e some contact sensors that have had the battery die and not known.

Sure, there are several smartapps that will do this. They are on the “wellness check” quick browse list in the community – created wiki. I think “simple device viewer” is probably the most popular right now but there are some others as well. :sunglasses:

You can also enable health check in your phone app. This will not alert you or generate a report but it will show non-responding devices with a red tag. Some users have complained of a lot of false positives, though it has worked well for me.

I do get those but I also have a couple that do not show the red corner but have not reported anything in a week. I will check out some of the wellness ones.

Thank you,