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Newb question on smartlighting and presence


You can add another timer block to the same piston with a similar format.

(Russ ) #22

Oh believe me, I’ve spent this week scouring through different peoples setups to find a simple light config, and my brain is so overwhelmed with all the stuff you can do. But thank you, between here and there, are some great resources and I have so much to learn.

(Russ ) #23

Would this conclude it, shutting it down at 2am then?


Yep! Just be sure that that is the locationMode you want. Just be aware that if the locationMode changes (perhaps you came home), the light will not go off with this piston.

(Russ ) #25

I work 6pm -6am so this should cover me pretty good, but I get what your saying. I may play with some more examples and if my location mode changes (coming home). Of course there is always, hey google, shut off living room lights, lol. Done…
Thanks again for seeing me straight. Got other questions, but not gonna hijack my own thread since they deal with other stuff.