New2ST Question: Door Lock User Code Management?!?

After spending 8 years on another system I decided to move over to Smart Things.

Then this happened…
How does Smart things NOT have Door Lock User Code Management?!

Set user codes remotely
Set temporary codes
Set codes on a schedule
Activate routines based on user code
Identify users entry based on code

Presence sensors, voice control and remote unlocking and locking… that’s it???

Please tell me I am missing something. Searching I’ve found numerous users asking for this functionality since 2014! That’s a horrible response time from ST!

I can’t even find the smart app, not that I would know how to install it even if I could find it.

There are community developed smartapps that support this that work pretty well. One is by @RBoy which he does charge a fee for, and the other is free by @ethayer, If you search those 2 folks, you will find what your looking for.