New Xiaomi mijia lux zigbee 3.0

Anyone tried the new lux intensity sensor:

Mine still says Pre-Order…so, my guess is no one has tried it yet. :slight_smile:

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I assume it works with ST but does it need a custom DH or do the Xiaomi sensors work out of the box with ST? They are really cheap and cheap isn’t alway inexpensive :slight_smile:

In the case of Xiaomi, cheap means cheap. The new motion sensor doesn’t even report when motion goes inactive. It only reports active motion. What good is a motion sensor that does half the job.

I can see they are available already

still not available for me to buy one.

They’re in stock and available to buy on Gearbest (and almost $3 cheaper).

Placed an order yesterday for some other things and briefly considered grabbing one of these to mess with, but I don’t really see myself having much use for it. The lux from the Aqara motion sensors is good enough for the few things I use lux readings for.

Just going by the link the OP posted. I don’t allow Xiaomi devices on my Zigbee mesh, i don’t care how cheap they are.