New user looking for assistance to start

So let<s start with this simple question

How do i know if a device needs a hub to connect to smartthings.

Exemple some people say that Philips hue need the Hue hub, others says it doesnt


But i heard that alot of products works with Smarththings and arent necessarly listed here

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Start with the following community FAQ (this is a clickable link) and see if that helps answer the question.

Otherwise, you can always come back to the forum and ask about any specific device and someone will probably know.

Also, no one cares about this but me, but just so you know there is no device called a “hue hub.” So I’m assuming you meant the “Hue bridge.” Again, no one cares about this but me, so feel free to ignore this post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I care, JD, I care. :hugs:


Yeah in resume needs LOTS of reserach before starting

Also how do you deicde if a device should be integrated in Alexa routine or Smarthtings routine (if the question makes any sense)

Amazon routines can only control what events that will occur after you give a vocal command to Echo. Or based on a specific time of day.

Smartthings routines can use many other kinds of "triggers. Common triggers are:

Someone arrives home

Everyone leaves home

A sensor detects movement

A sensor detects open/close

Only within a specific time range (such as between sunset at 11 PM)

And a number of other conditions and combinations.

You can also optionally receive a notification when a routine has run.

So Echo routines are fine for simple things that you want to have happen with the single voice command. Smartthings routines lets you set up a lot of things to happen automatically based on various rules that you define.

A lot of people end up using both. :sunglasses:

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makes sense ")

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