New user.. confused as f

There’s a Hue/smartthings integration which is good at the things smartthings is good at, mostly turning the lights on and off when other events occur. But you can’t activate hue scenes or any of the fancy disco stuff from the smartthings side. You still have full control from the Hue app or a third-party hue app, so you don’t give up anything by adding smartthings. But having only smartthings doesn’t give you party lights. :wink:

What smartthings is best at compared to the competition is letting you set up really complicated rules, like “turn on the front lights when someone approaches the house and it is between sunset and sunrise and then turn them off again after 12 minutes unless it is between December 1 and January 10“ (so you don’t ruin the effect of your fairy lights Christmas decorations. :snowman_with_snow: ) that’s what webcore is good for, by the way. rules that are that complicated are not part of the official features, It’s just that you can do that with custom code if you want to.

Or of course if you have a Samsung smart television or smart appliance.

Here’s an FAQ on what I mean by complex rules:

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings

And here’s more about Webcore if you’re interested:

FAQ: What is WebCoRE? (And what was CoRE?)