New TV. Not a lot of info out there

Im looking at getting SAMSUNG UE55KS7000 Smart 4k Ultra HD HDR 55" LED TV. Now i was told in can ingrate with my smart things set up. How does this work? the person in the shop didn’t know. I knew more about most of it to be honest. What I want to know is can i get a notification on the tv if things happen such has routine changes, mode changes, sensor goes off etc etc. Also do i have to on a certain input for this to happen. such as i have it on HDMI 1 which is my xbox and i have my sky going though that. Will that stop notification from happening. Hope all that makes sense. Ive done a google search and not a lot of information at all.

This is smartthings extend, which was promised for 2016. Seems smartthings have not only not managed to hit that deadline that Samsung set, it’s still unknown if or when it’ll be launched. There’s some discussion here on the forum but it’s not good reading I’m afraid.

EDIT: looks like some changes have happened in the US in the first thread in the last few days…

Isn’t extend just to turn the TV into the hub. I allready have a hub so shounlt need the extend. Now why is the TVs being advised as being able to give notifications with smarthings when you can’t with extend which is not even out yet. False advetsiments? So surely if I have the hub allready the TV should work with smarthings. My questions is in what compassity?

Check here

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