New SmartThings Schema Integration for Arlo

Hopefully the SmartThings/Arlo techs are still watching this thread.

I noticed that when the STHM is setup to record the Arlo cameras in it’s response section, the cameras only record a few seconds. When I setup and Arlo to record in an Automation, it’s doing what @shravan advised and records 1 minute. Why the difference?

I don’t see that option in STHM Set Response Section, I only see siren, Sound Sirens and Turn on Lights, Play Audio Notifications. What am I missing?

In the STHM Set Response section, I have an option for ‘Record Video’ which lists my Arlo Pro 2’s, an Arlo Q+, and a SmartThings camera.

I don’t see that option.

Like I said, they will show up as devices in the Smart Lighting app so you can use that. Based off another switch/whatever. I have mine configured based on Mode changes which sounds like what you need also.

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Yes, I did use the Smart Lighting app instead and it works, thanks. I wish there was a way to force execute the app because sometimes the “conditions” used do not trigger execition (especially the ones triggering off the presence sensors).

I have also been getting inconsistent errors lately by editing the Smart Lighting app, sometimes I just can’t make changes.

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Can you use a simulated switch that turns on via automation or somewhere else and then Smart Lighting uses that? FYI… presence sensors were a major problem with the new app and I too was experiencing them back in the summer when I was migrated to the new app. It has been getting better for me but still not 100%. I haven’t checked the threads here for the latest stance on that.

I would say, over the last 6 years, Smart Lighting has been the most consistent app for me. I don’t think I’ve ever had issues with it. But maybe mine aren’t too complex. I have like 5 automations at one location and 8 at another.

I know your post is a little old now, but I wanted to mention that the siren shows up as a device I can trigger in both automations and STHM. Hopefully it works for you too.

I’m also hoping the Audio doorbell will be supported and the button press can trigger an automation!

When you say “Armed” state, that doesn’t mean Arlo has to be in the Armed mode, right? Can it be in a custom mode where the camera is set to record on motion?

I have it in a custom mode with recordings and no notifications when I’m home., Armed mode w/ notifications when I’m away. STHM also triggers the 1 min recordings if it’s armed and there’s an intrusion. Everything seems to be working fine, but I wonder if I have it set up the way it’s intended to be.