New SmartThings Schema Integration for Arlo

I used to see my siren as a separate device that I could add to other automations. Now it does not show up in Smartthings. I can only see the base station (and the siren control within it) and the cameras.

The fix for all Arlo products…

  1. unhook base
  2. take down cameras
  3. open trash lid
  4. dispose of the junk

I have had arlo cams since summer of 2017, SmartThings since 2016. Arlo has the same problems now that they had 4 years ago. There’s an issue, arlo fixes it, then 2 months later its back, they fix it, 4 months later it’s back, they fix, 3 months later it’s back, etc… over and over. I’ve had the same half dozen issues over and over and over the past 3-1/2 years. They fix it, it comes back eventually, usually when firmware updates roll out. I was even an arlo beta tester to try and help them fix their product, but it was so disorganized it was a joke and I eventually bailed. Just move on to another product and don’t look back. I went POE, but still have the arlo cams inside the house just to live view my pets.

And with ST going down every other day lately… that certainly doesn’t help.

That said… if you really want your arlo cams… delete the linked service in the smartthings app and then add it back, should fix most of the integration issues, but it won’t fix the arlo issues on arlo’s side.

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